Rane HAL2 Multiprocessor

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Rane HAL2 Multiprocessor
Rane HAL2 Multiprocessor
  • Remote Audio Device status indicators
  • Provides information about the RAD audio channels. The numbers at the top of the front panel correspond to the RAD ports on the back of the HAL. For example, the LEDs for number 1 provide information about the RAD connected on port 1. Under each RAD number are LEDs for four audio channels, two input and two output. These four LEDs represent the maximum number of channels a RAD is capable of transporting. However, not all RAD models use all four channels.
  • Overload LED (red) indicates the channel is experiencing a signal overload.
  • Signal LED (green) indicates the presence of an audio signal on this channel.
  • Enabled LED (yellow) indicates the availability of the associated audio channel. If a RAD is connected on this port and all Enabled lights are off, this indicates a problem with the shielded CAT 5e connection or with the RAD. If the Enabled LEDs are flashing, this indicates the physical RAD model does not match the RAD model specified for this port in the HAL configuration.
  • DRs may be connected to RAD ports, with only the Enabled LED showing activity.