US Audio MPM1 Auto-Paging Mixer

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US Audio MPM1 Auto-Paging Mixer
US Audio MPM1 Auto-Paging Mixer
Whether you're in a restaurant, nightclub, health club, church, sports bar or wherever you need to manage video, audio and provide paging in a single zone application, the MPM1V and MPM1 mixers do it all.

Switch between three sets of RCA phono type composite video and stereo audio inputs with push buttons located on the front of the unit (video and audio with the MPM1V, audio only with the MPM1). Each input has its own volume control and there's a master volume and four band tone control section.

In addition, there are Priority Line and Priority Mic inputs, each with their own volume controls. Connect the jukebox to the stereo Priority Line Input and it will automatically override and mute the selected audio input when the music kicks in and ramp that input back up when the jukebox is done.

Then, connect a mic to the Priority Mic Input for paging (microphone not included). Just speak into your mic and the MPM1 immediately lowers or "ducks" the volume on the other inputs, including the Priority Line Input, and then gently ramps it back up when you're finished. Ducking amount is adjustable to 0dB (none), - 20db (lowered into the background) or -70dB (off). Internal jumpers allow reversing of these priority assignments so that the Priority Line Input mutes the Mic input - useful for emergency announcement capability.

An internal jumper allows you to switch off the ducking feature to one output side only. This allows you to keep the background music constant in the dining room while still ducking and paging in the waiting area.

Need more inputs? Connect an external stereo mixer like the Whirlwind MIX-5s to the MPM1's stereo buss.

Need to feed more zones? Connect a Whirlwind DA2 to the output and feed 4 stereo zones or 8 mono zones, each with its own volume control.