Shure DC 5980 P Portable Discussion Unit

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Shure DC 5980 P Portable Discussion Unit
Shure DC 5980 P Portable Discussion Unit
The DC 5980 P is a fully digital portable conference unit that can be configured either as a chairman, delegate or interpreter unit. As default, the unit is configured as a delegate unit but the button overlay is changeable to match the desired functionality.
  • Compact table top design
  • Built-in headphone jack with volume control provides access to the two interpreter channels
  • Can be configured as a Chairman, Delegate, or Interpreter unit

  • Standard discussion unit for chairmen, delegates or interpreters
  • Fully digital audio transmission
  • Daisy chain topology with loop through connections or star topology using junction boxes
  • DCS-LAN connection by use of CAT 5e (or higher) F/UTP or U/FTP cabling
  • Maximum 250 discussion units per system
  • Support for 4 microphone operation modes; Automatic, FIFO, Manual and VOX (voice activation)
  • Support for delegate interrupt ability modes enabling 'ping pong' mode
  • Auto off of microphones
  • Lockable XLR gooseneck microphone connector
  • 1 high-quality loudspeaker
  • 1 headphone connector with volume control supporting the floor channel
  • Microphone and function (all delegates off/mute) buttons
  • Exchangeable button overlay for changing the button labels to other languages and other functionality
  • Optional use of cable clamp to fix the DCS-LAN loop through cables