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Yamaha CL3 Digital Mixer Front
Yamaha CL3 Digital Mixer

Yamaha CL3 Digital Mixer

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Yamaha’s CL series takes the best of industry standards and offers evolutionary refinements. The CL series digital mixing consoles are known for providing accessible mixing and sonic purity with unprecedented creative freedom in sound-shaping capabilities. The CL3 offers the ideal blend of compact size and channel capacity and is great for many live and installed applications.

Sound quality is considered in every detail of the CL3. AD and DA conversion performance was maximized, going so far as making spectral analyses of the AD/DA master clock and adjusting the FPGA clock signal routing. There are many high-quality signal processors, including Portico 5033/5043 EQ and compressor devices that join Yamaha’s VCM technology with the renowned Rupert Neve’s. Low impedance in the power supply helps provide a completely natural representation of the input signal.

With the CL3 you get the benefits of digital mixers and the acclaimed quality of analog. Rupert Neve Designs recognized Yamaha’s VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) technology is capable of accurately modeling the rich and expressive analog sound that Rupert Neve Designs is known for. VCM technology delivers both accuracy and musicality, simulating the most minute details of individual circuit components.

Revolutionary Dan Dugan automatic microphone mixing is built into the CL3. You’ll enjoy smooth and natural gain control, and effective reduction of feedback and comb filter issues. This automation is great in speech applications, especially in unscripted situations.

Many creative options are supported by the Premium Rack and Effect Rack. The Premium Rack can host up to 8 instances of the 6 expressive EQ and dynamics effects provided. The Effect Rack offers more than 50 effects; up to 8 of those effects can be used simultaneously. A GEQ rack also allows graphic EQ to be inserted into the output buses for room EQ and other functions.

Yamaha’s Centralogic concept is the core of a user interface that is more efficient to operate than ever before, offering user-friendly visual feedback, a familiar layout, and tactile details such as non-slip inserts on faders. One example of a Centralogic-supported function is the ability to save up to 300 complete console setups as scenes and instantly recall them as needed. The CL3 can also be operated remotely or offline via an Apple iPad® or computer.

Access the recording capability you need with two live recording solutions: convenient 2-track recording direct to USB memory, or high-performance multitrack recording to a DAW via Dante.

Network capabilities are key, and the CL3 meets that demand with separate console and I/O rack components that communicate via Dante protocol. Several CL series consoles can share control over the same I/O rack unit. Lake® processing can also be added via expansion slots. Three Mini-YGDAI card slots are available for I/O expansion. These features make it easy to adapt and expand the CL3 as your mixing needs change.

Yamaha CL3 Features

  • Input channels: 64 mono, 8 stereo
  • Fader configuration: 16-fader left section, 8-fader Centralogic section, 2-fader master section
  • Stainless steel stay for iPad support
  • Digital approach with analog quality
  • Built-in Dan Dugan automatic mixer
  • Centralogic user interface
  • Selected channel display
  • Uses Dante network protocol developed by by Audinate to allow flexible connection to multiple I/O rack units
  • Simple setup
  • Redundancy for reliability
  • Meter bridge optional
  • CL3 digital mixer1
  • Mixing Capacity
    • Input Mixing Channels: 64 mono + 8 stereo
    • Mix Busses: 24
    • Matrices: 8 (Input to Matrix supported)
    • Stereo Bus: 1
    • Mono: 1
    • Cue: 1 (Second Cue Bus supported in CL V4.0 or later)
  • Local Connectors
    • Analog Inputs: 8
    • Analog Outputs: 8
    • MY Slots: 8
    • Dante I/O: Primary / Secondary
    • Digital Out: 1 (AES/EBU)
    • GPI: 5 in / 5 out (CL V1.11 or later)
    • Word Clock I/O: Yes
    • MIDI I/O: In / Out
    • External Redundant PSU: Optional PW800W
    • Meter Bridge: Optional MBCL
    • Ethernet: Yes
    • AC Inlet: V-Lock Type
  • Scene Memory
    • Number of Scenes: 300
    • Recall Safe: Yes
    • Focus Recall: Yes
    • Fade Time: Yes (0s ~ 60s)
    • Preview: Yes (CL V 1.51 or later)
    • Selective Load / Save: Yes (CL V1.7 or later)
    • Tactile Control Keys: Yes
  • Input Channel Functions
    • Gain Compensation: Yes
    • Digital Gain: Yes (-96dB ~+24dB)
    • ATT: -96dB ~ 0dB
    • HPF: 20Hz ~ 600Hz, -6 or -12dB/oct Selectable (CL V1.51 or later)
    • PEQ: 4 Band Full PEQ (RTA overlay support in CL V3.0 or later, New EQ Algorithms support in CL V4.0 or later)
    • Dynamics 1: Gate / Ducking / Compressor / Expander (Key-in Filter on the Compressor and Expander in CL V4.0 or later)
    • Dynamics 2: Compressor / Compander-H / Compander-S / De-esser
    • Input Delay: Yes (0ms ~ 1000ms, frame delay support in CL V3.0 or later)
    • Pan: CENTER NOMINAL or LR NOMINAL for monaural input channels in CL V3.1 or later L-MONO, R-MONO or LR-MONO for stereo input channels in CL V3.1 or later
    • DCA Group: 16 (Output DCA and DCA Roll-Out support in CL V2.0 or later, Scrollable DCA Roll-Out support in CL V4.0 or later)
    • MUTE Group: 8
    • Number of Inserts: 2 (CL V2.0 or later)
    • Direct Out: Yes
  • Output Channel Functions
    • PEQ: 4 Band Full PEQ (RTA overlay support in CL V3.0 or later, New EQ Algorithms support in CL V4.0 or later)
    • Dynamics 1: Compressor / Expander / Compander-H / Compander-S
    • MUTE Group: 8
    • Number of Inserts: 2 (CL V2.0 or later)
  • Premium Rack
    • Number of Premium Racks: 8
    • Mountable Device: RND Portico5033 / RND Portico5043 / U76 / Opt-2A / EQ-1A / Dynamic EQ / Buss Comp 369 (CL V3.0 or later) / MBC4 (CL V4.0 or later)
  • Effect Rack
    • Number of Effect Racks: 8
    • Number of Effect Programs: 54
    • Mountable Device: Effect / 31BandGEQ / Flex15GEQ / 8Band PEQ (CL V3.0 or later)
  • GEQ Rack
    • Number of GEQ Racks: 16
    • Mountable Device: 31BandGEQ / Flex15GEQ / Dugan Automixer (CL V3.0 or later) / 8Band PEQ (CL V3.0 or later) (RTA overlay support in CL V3.0 or later, GEQ gain control from the TOUCH AND TURN knob in CL V4.0 or later)
  • Dante
    • Number of I/O Channels: 64 in / 64 out
    • Dante Patch from Console: Yes
  • Recording
    • USB Memory Recording: Yes
    • DVS Recording: Yes (DVS and Nuendo Live bundled)
  • Broadcast Functions
    • 5.1 Surround Panning: Yes (CL V3.0 or later)
    • Surround Monitor: Yes (CL V3.0 or later)
    • Mix Minus: Yes (CL V2.0 or later)
    • L-Mono / R-Mono / LR-Mono: Yes (CL V3.0 or later)
  • Monitor
    • Solo Mode: Yes (CL V4.0 or later)
    • Second Cue Bus (allows the MATRIX 7/8 to be used as a CUE B bus): Yes (CL V4.0 or later)
    • Oscillator: Sine Wave 1ch / Sine Wave 2ch (CL V3.0 or later) / Pink Noise / Burst Noise
  • Other Functions
    • Port to Port: No
    • RTA: Yes (CL V3.0 or later)
    • Output Port Delay: Yes (0ms ~ 1000ms, frame delay support in CL V3.0)
    • Cascade: Yes (via MY slots)
    • User Level: Yes
    • Help File: Yes (CL V1.51 or later)
    • Channel Link: Yes (Output Channel Link support in CL V3.0 or later)
    • Channel Copy/Move: Yes
    • Control & Monitoring for Digital Wireless Receivers: Shure ULXD4D/ULXD4Q (CL V4.0 or later)
  • User Interface
    • Display: 10 inch Touch Panel
    • Centralogic Section: Yes
    • Faders: 16 + 8 + 2
    • Selected Channel Encoders: Gain, HPF, PEQ (controls for 4 bands), Dynamics 1/2(Threshold only), Pan, Mix/Matrix Sends
    • Channel Encoder: Yes (for Gain, Send Level, or an assigned parameter)
    • Channel Name / Color Display: Yes
    • Custom Fader Banks: Yes (customized for each fader section)
    • User Defined Keys: 16 (x 4 banks in CL V3.0 or later)
    • User Defined Knobs: 4
    • Touch and Turn Knob: Yes (using a User Defined Knob)
    • Monitor Level Knob: Yes
    • Wooden Arm Rest: Yes
    • iPad Stay: Yes
    • Rack-mounting: No
  • Software
    • Editor: CL Editor (Win/Mac, CSV files import/export in CL Editor V4.0.0 or later)
    • StageMix: CL StageMix (iPad app)
    • MonitorMix: Yes (CL V4.00 or later)
    • Console File Converter: Yes (Win/Mac)

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