Midas PRO 3 Digital System Install

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Midas PRO 3 Digital System Install
Midas PRO 3 Digital System Install
With the advent of digital technology, channel counts and processing features have grown to a point where it is no longer practical to have all controls physically available at the same time. Additionally, the logistical advantages of smaller control surfaces are becoming increasingly attractive. MIDAS’ unique approach to solving this problem is to mirror the natural work flow used by mix engineers and to provide control and supporting feedback of system status at all levels, from the highest overview to the finest detail. This encourages the development of a mental picture, or "Mind Map", of the whole system, even though focus may only be required on limited, specific functions.

For example, channels by default are not layered but scrolled. By being scrolled, the console displays act as a window onto the available channels in the system and allow you to think of the channels in a simple linear progression, rather than forcing you to remember which layer contains the channels. This scrolled format brings the console to you, rather than forcing you to search for specific elements.

But this is only the beginning.

At the heart of MIDAS console navigation are the VCA and POPulation groups, which provide primary access to multiple channels (typically grouped into related clusters by mix engineers). To access all the channels belonging to any of the VCA or POP groups, merely press the select switch. Selecting a VCA or POP group will bring all of the members of that group to the designated area of the control surface, populating from the VCA area outwards. If the group has more members than visible channels, the group can be viewed by scrolling the input bay. This work flow is applied to every area of the console, ensuring consistent ease-of-use and appropriately fast access to all controls.