TC Voiceworks Plus Advanced Vocal Processor

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TC Voiceworks Plus Advanced Vocal Processor
TC Voiceworks Plus Advanced Vocal Processor
Create attention-getting vocals with VoiceWorksPlus from TC-Helicon. VoiceWorksPlus features an extensive effects list including 4th generation TC-Helicon Harmony, Voice Modeling, and the Transducer and µMod (micromod) blocks from VoicePro for distortion/megaphone and flange/detune effects respectively. A quiet, high quality mic preamp, transparent pitch correction, and the TC Electronic reverb, delay and dynamics algorithms from the classic VoiceWorks round out its capabilities.

A complete signal path from mic input to stereo output. All you add is a PA and your voice. Voice modeling can create everything from the most subtle enhancements to your voice such as breathiness and timbral changes to the sound of hyperactive cartoon characters. Advanced harmony humanization and control options help the virtual harmony voices sound more human.

The Transducer algorithm can create megaphone effects, band limiting, distortion, radio voice effects and more for a modern or retro sound Chorus, detuned doubling, flange with pitch feedback and more are created in the µMod effect block.

  • Pitch correction keeps your vocals in tune
  • Reverb and delay with tap tempo
  • Compressor, 3 band EQ and gate
  • Footswitch, volume pedal or MIDI remote control