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Focusrite Pro RedNet MP8R Mic Preamp
Focusrite Pro RedNet MP8R Mic Preamp

Focusrite Pro RedNet MP8R Mic Preamp

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Developed from the RedNet 4 preamp, RedNet MP8R is an 8-channel mic preamplifier and A/D for the Dante audio-over-IP network that can be remote controlled. Building on the successes of earlier Focusrite preamp models, this pre offers lower noise, better Common Mode Rejection, and great dynamic range. Ideal for live sound/recording and broadcast environments, this preamp is very reliable.

The preamps in the MP8R deliver increased input level at a maximum of 28dBu, and dual input impedance of 10k or 2.4k ohms for greater flexibility when running several mic pres in parallel. Other features include a 20dB pad, high-pass filter, polarity inversion, and phantom power.

Channel design on the network allows splits (such as monitor/FOH) to be set up in the digital domain. Splits enable one engineer to control gain from the analog mic while a second receives an output level that is constant no matter what the analog mic’s gain setting. To allow for splits, the MP8R has a sophisticated gain tracking ability. On the network it appears as a 16-channel device: the first 8 channels are direct preamp feeds, the second 8 are automatically DSP level-compensated outputs sourced from the first 8 channels.

Remote control over preamps is possible in a variety of ways. RedNet Control software package, Pro Tools and MIDI, and OCA can all control the preamps remotely. Preamps can also be operated on the unit’s front panel, where you will see comprehensive monitoring indicators from 6-segment level metering, numeric gain display, and more.

In addition to the mic pres are 8 channels of A/D converters that operate at up to 192kHz/24-bit with minimum latency and class-leading dynamic range to deliver on Focusrite’s history of legendary quality.

Since this is a RedNet product, the MP8R interoperates with any other Dante audio-over-IP network components and infrastructure. Dual Ethernet ports with locking etherCON connectors offer several operating modes, such as daisy-chaining to other equipment and redundancy for protection against network failure. Manage patching and interconnection with Dante control software. Packaged in a compact 1U rack-mount form factor, the rugged MP8R can stand up to travel.

Focusrite Pro RedNet MP8R Features

  • 8-channel remote-controlled mic preamp with dual PSUs
  • Up to 24-bit, 192kHz sampling rates with very low latency
  • Excellent common-mode gain performance improves rejection of noise induced in the cable
  • Maximum input of 28dBu allows versatile, universal input
  • Remote-controllable Gain, Phantom Power and High-Pass Filter from Yamaha CL and QL Series Consoles
  • 20dB pad, HPF and polarity inversion per input
  • Dual power supplies and network connections with full power and network redundancy including locking connectors for maximum reliability
  • 6-segment LED level meters; OLED display indicates input gain and system information
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • MP8R preamp1
  • Brainworx bx_console plug-in1
  • Microphone inputs
    • Inputs: 8x female XLR
    • Gain range: 10dB to 65dB (in 1dB steps)
    • Max input level: 29dBu ±0.5; min gain with pad for 0dBFS, Rs = 150O
    • Min input level: -46dBu ±0.5; max gain without pad for 0dBFS, Rs = 150O
    • Frequency response: 20Hz - 40kHz ±0.1dB
    • THD N: -98dB (0.0012) @ -1dBFS, Rs = 150O
    • EIN: -129dBu A-Weighted (typical), Rs = 150O
    • Signal-to-noise ratio: 118dB A-Weighted (typical), Rs = 150O
    • Phantom power: 48V, independently switchable per channel
    • Pad: -20dB, independently switchable per channel
    • HPF: -6dB @ 65 ± 3Hz, 12dB/Octave, independently switchable per channel
  • Supported sample rates
    • 44.1kHz
    • 48kHZ
    • 88.2kHz
    • 96kHz
    • 176.4kHz
    • 192kHz
  • PSU2x IEC inputs with retaining clips
  • Network2x etherCON NE8FBH-S, also compatible with standard RJ45 connectors

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