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Community R2-694Z All-Weather 3-Way Speaker System
Community R2-694Z Dual 12-Inch Weather-Resistant Speaker

Community R2-694Z Dual 12-Inch Weather-Resistant Speaker

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SoundPro Item: 46702
MPN: R2-694Z
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The R2-694Z full-range loudspeaker system is engineered to provide quality, long throw full-range sound projection in a variety of outdoor and indoor applications. Its wide, smooth frequency response and high efficiency ensures high-fidelity music reproduction along with superb projection of clear, intelligible speech at very low distortion.

The R2-694Z is an all horn loaded triaxial design using precision waveguides manufactured by Community of hand-laminated fiberglass. The outer enclosure forms a double wall construction with the internal bass horn, providing a completely weather-sealed chamber for the LF drivers. The mid/high frequency horn assembly is mounted in the mouth of the bass horn. A high quality passive crossover with dynamic driver protection is included. The result is a loudspeaker system that is extremely strong, non-resonant, weather-resistant, and easy to install.


  • Athletic fields (football, soccer, baseball, tennis)
  • Small arenas, athletic field houses
  • Theme and amusement parks
  • Fairgrounds, rodeos, air shows
  • Racing tracks, skating rinks, swimming pools
  • Convention centers, factories, warehouses
  • Cruise ships
  • Portable sound systems
  • Electronic carillons

Community R2-694Z Features

  • Weather resistant construction
  • Weather-treated drivers and crossovers
  • Corrosion-resistant zinc-rich epoxy dual-layer powder coated steel grille and yoke
  • Application-specific coverage pattern
  • High-efficiency horn loading
  • High-fidelity, full-range reproduction of music and speech
  • Included weather-resistant mounting yoke for easy mounting and aiming
  • Five-year product warranty / Fifteen-year enclosure warranty
  • R2-694Z dual 12-inch weather-resistant speaker1
  • Mounting yoke1
  • Operating Modepassive
  • Operating Environmentindoor / continuous outdoor direct exposure
  • Operating Range270Hz to 16.5 kHz
  • Nominal Beamwidth (HxV)60°-90°x 40°
  • Transducers
    • LF: 2 x 12" (305mm) weather-treated, Ferrofluid-cooled
    • MF: 1 x M200 2" exit, non-metallic diaphragm, Ferrofluid-cooled
    • HF: 1 x 1" exit, titanium diaphragm
  • Continuous Power Handling 3 @ Nominal Impedance
    • 40V
    • 400W @ 4 ohms (1600W peak)
  • Nominal Sensitivity 4
    • @1W 104dB
    • @2.83 V 107 dB
  • Nominal Max SPL 5 (whole space)
    • Peak 136 dB
    • Continuous 130 dB
  • Equialized Sensitivity 6
    • @ 1W 104dB
    • @ 2.83V 107dB
  • Equalized Max SPL 7
    • Peak 136 dB
    • Continuous 130 dB
  • Recommended Amplifiers400W - 800W @ 4 ohms, (40V - 57V)
  • Input Connection12' (3.6m) SJOW #16 cable
  • Mounting Points(5) 1/2"-13 threaded rigging points, Steel zinc-rich epoxy dual-layer powder-coated mounting yoke; Aluminum aiming straps to secure angle
  • EnvironmentalIP55 per IEC 60529, conforms with MIL-STD-810G
  • Dimensions (HxWxD)24.75" x 24.75" x 30.75"
  • Weight73 pounds (loudspeaker only) 96 pounds (loudspeaker and yoke)
  • Notes
    • 2: OPERATING RANGE The frequency range in which the on-axis processed response remains within 10dB of the average SPL.
    • 3: CONTINUOUS POWER HANDLING Maximum continuous input voltage (and the equivalent power rating, in watts, at the stated nominal impedance) that the system can withstand, without damage, for a period of 2 hours using an EIA-426-B defined spectrum; with recommended signal processing and protection filters.
    • 4: NOMINAL SENSITIVITY Averaged SPL over the operating range with an input voltage that would produce 1 Watt at the nominal impedance and the averaged SPL over the operating range with a fixed input voltage of 2.83V, respectively; swept sine wave axial measurements with no external processing applied in whole space, except where indicated.
    • 5: NOMINAL MAXIMUM SPL Calculated based on nominal / peak power handling, respectively, and nominal sensitivity; exclusive of power compression.
    • 6: EQUALIZED SENSITIVITY The respective SPL levels produced when an EIA-426-B signal is applied to the equalized loudspeaker system at a level which produces a total power of 1 Watt, in sum, to the loudspeaker subsections and also at a level which produces a total voltage, in sum, of 2.83V to the loudspeaker subsections, respectively; each referenced to a distance of 1 meter
    • 7: EQUALIZED MAXIMUM SPL The SPL produced when an EIA-426-B signal is applied to the equalized loudspeaker system, at a level which drives at least one subsection to its rated continuous input voltage limit, referenced to a distance of 1 meter. The peak SPL represents the 2:1 (6dB) crest factor of the EIA-426-B test signal.

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