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Despite its compact size, the UB12Si will faithfully deliver high-output, high-definition sound for a wide variety of professional applications. All system elements, including drivers, crossover/filter components, and the enclosures themselves are designed to meet EAW’s rigorous standards for reliablility and durability.

The system operates in fully passive mode with an internal passive crossover/filter network both dividing the signal and providing critical equalization functions.Each UB12Si includes a robust 5.25-in woofer mounted in an optimally vented enclosure and a 1-in soft dome tweeter specifically designed to provide smooth, studio-quality high-frequency reproduction.

As a stand alone system, the UB12Si delivers full range output at surprisingly high levels with flat response for a wide range of professional audio applications including multimedia production and presentation, corporate audio/visual systems, retail spaces, project recording studio, and home theaters.

It is also a popular choice as a secondary distributed reinforcement system providing additional coverage in virtually any large scale installation such as theaters, performing arts centers, houses of worship and even arenas and stadiums.The ultra-compact enclosures can be unobtrusively mounted almost anywhere.

The system includes 1/4-in threaded mounting points, two sets of which are configured to accept an Omnimount Series 20.5. They are also magnetically shielded for use in immediate proximity to video monitors making them an excellent choice for any multimedia application.

  • Ultra-compact two-way system
  • 5.25-in LF/1-in tweeter
  • Magnetically shielded for use with video monitors
  • High-output, high-definition sound from an ultra-compact enclosure