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Radial Headbone VT Amp Head Switcher
Radial Headbone VT Amp Head Switcher

Radial Headbone VT Amp Head Switcher

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The Headbone VT is a specially designed switching device that lets you toggle between two tube amplifier heads using a single speaker cabinet. This provides the ability to experiment with different tonal options and perform without hauling two speaker cabinets to the gig.

With the Headbone in your rig, you can access your choice of amplifier with a single footswitch, giving you the ability to easily select between one amplifier for rhythm, and another one for solos. To eliminate long cables running across the stage, you can switch the Headbone remotely with a Slingshot input that allows you to connect any standard footswitch or MIDI controlled contact closure, further streamlining your setup on stage. For the ultimate amp-switching rig you can combine the Headbone with the Tonebone Twinline, which will allow you to switch your effects loop at the same time, so your effects pedals follow the active amplifier.

Radial Headbone VT Features

  • Toggle between two amp heads using a single speaker cabinet
  • Can be controlled remotely with separate footswitch
  • Class-A audio circuit retains the tone of the amplifier
  • Opto-couplers for noise-free switching
  • Headbone VT amp head switcher1

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