Yamaha M7CL-32 Digital Mixing Console

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Yamaha M7CL-32 Digital Mixing Console
Yamaha M7CL-32 Digital Mixing Console

The M7CL series is a digital live-sound console that carries on the digital evolution from the acclaimed PM1DV2 and PM5D consoles. It includes an impressive array of advanced concepts such as the "Centralogic" control interface that makes it as easy and intuitive to use as an analog console, and in-depth access management facilities that will be particularly appreciated in installations.

  • Centralogic and Selected Channel Control - Two Intuitive Approaches to Mixing
  • Visually Familiar Control Environment
  • Two Models to Choose From
  • Advanced Channel Functionality with a Logical Access Structure
  • Flexible Mix Buses and Matrix
  • Versatile Inputs and Outputs with Extensive Digital Patching Capability
  • Sophisticated Effects and GEQ
  • Basic Output Processing Built In
  • Internal Universal Power and Optional External Power Supply
  • Recallable Right Down to Head Amp Gain, Plus Safe and Focus Functions
  • Eight DCA Groups and Eight Mute Groups
  • 12 Assignable User Defined Keys
  • Access Management
  • M7CL Editor Software Supplied