AKG PZM11 Boundary Microphone

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AKG PZM11 Boundary Microphone
AKG PZM11 Boundary Microphone
PZM (Pressure Zone Microphone) Series are omnidirectional boundary microphones. They can be placed on a large surface such as a table, floor, wall, or lectern. PZMs prevent phase interference from surface reflections, allowing a wide, smooth response. Microphone sensitivity is boosted 6 dB by the surface mounting.

This low-cost microphone mounts on a standard wall plate. The PZM-11 resembles a light switch rather than a microphone. Intelligibility is excellent, with low frequencies below the voice range rolled off to reduce the pickup of HVAC rumble. Electronics on the rear of the plate offer screw terminals, eliminating the need for connectors. Powering is via 12-48 volts phantom power. Crown PZM Series microphones offer serious tools for the sound reinforcement and recording professional, as well as cost-effective solutions for a variety of other needs. As the first licensed manufacturer of the Pressure Recording Process (the foundation of PZM technology), Crown has developed the most successful line of PZM microphones available today.

Crown PZM Series microphones let the user optimally place microphones in the performance venue. Designed for use on flat surfaces, PZMs can be placed where conventional microphones do not work well. Their wide, smooth frequency response makes them ideal for miking pianos, harps and other orchestral instruments. Their small size and low profile also make them an excellent choice for recording projects, conference rooms and security applications.

These technical innovations, combined with numerous others, give Crown a leading edge in bringing high-quality PZM products to the market.