Rolls RM67 Single Rack Space Mixer

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Rolls RM67 Single Rack Space Mixer
Rolls RM67 Single Rack Space Mixer
The RM67 is a single rack space mixer designed for the install/contractor market. The unit mixes three balanced microphones with four stereo sources to mono or stereo balanced outputs. The XLR Microphone Inputs have Mic/Line level switches, a send/return Insert jack, and individually switchable +12 VDC phantom power.

Priority talkover, with variable Duck Sensitivity is available on one microphone for paging, and on one Source input for use on a jukebox. telephone system, etc. Each Microphone input has a level and tone control, and each Source input has a level control. Bass and Treble controls have been provided for all the sources, and a Master Output Level control adjusts the level of all mixed signals. Source One has an added front-panel 3.5mm input. A pre-Master RCA output has been provided for recording, and a Remote Volume output jack is provided for connection to a 100K ohm linear taper potentiometer and used as an external master level control.

  • RM67 Mic/Source Mixer
  • Three XLR mic inputs with switchable phantom power and input padding
  • Clip LEDs for each Mic input.
  • Mute jack, contact closure to ground main output mute.
  • Master Level control.
  • Remote Volume jack (connects to an optional 100K ohm potentiometer).
  • Stereo Record Out.
  • Priority ducking/talk-over for microphone paging, and jukebox.
  • Mic Insert jack for adding signal processing to the Mic Inputs.
  • Four stereo RCA line/consumer level inputs.
  • Master Bass and Treble controls (sources only).