EAW SB2001 Dual 21" Sub Bass Cones Configuration, Vented

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EAW SB2001 Dual 21" Sub Bass Cones Configuration, Vented
EAW SB2001 Dual 21" Sub Bass Cones Configuration, Vented
The high output yet incredibly compact SB2001 dual 21-inch cone driver subwoofer is a recommended companion for all larger format EAW KF Series systems and will likely find a home in many club environments.

Just like the SB1001 the unique driver mounting of the SB2001 maximizes cone area and allows for the integration of an extremely low turbulence port while minimizing frontal area, providing the acoustical performance and physical configuration well suited for creating large subwoofer arrays. The enclosure design additionally integrates sixteen 3/8-16 suspension points for installation applications and is fully prepped and ready to receive the user installable quick release rigging kit accessory for touring applications.

The SB2001 is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications including concert touring, arenas, large houses of worship, large auditoriums, theaters and large dance clubs.

  • Direct radiating dual 21-in design
  • Optimally tuned with large very low turbulence port
  • Unique woofer loading generates unbelievable impact
  • Powerful neodymium magnet structures reduce system weight and increase output
  • Can be ground stacked or permanently suspended with sixteen 3/8 16 points
  • Quick release rigging accessory kit available for touring applications
  • Six year warranty
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