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Radial Phazer Phase Adjuster Top
Radial Phazer Phase Adjuster

Radial Phazer Phase Adjuster

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MSRP: $480.00
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The Phazer™ is an analog phase alignment tool that lets you bring two sounds sources together so that the fundamentals play in sync.

The Phazer is a unique tool that sums two line-level signals together using class-A analog circuitry, providing the ability to quickly and accurately phase-align any tracks for improved clarity and tone. Once in phase, the results are impressive: On electric guitar; you can combine the direct feed of an amp with a room mic to create fat rich tones. On a kick drum, combine the attack from a batter head mic with the body captured by the outer shell mic, or the top and bottom mic's on a snare drum. With acoustic instruments, combine a close 'spot' mic with a room mic to capture textures like never before.

Radial Phazer Features

  • Time align two signals for exceptional clarity
  • 100% analog, does not 'step' like digital delay
  • Low-pass filter lets you focus the effect
  • Once you try it, you will never mix without

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