QSC OT-600 Step-up Autoformer

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QSC OT-600 Step-up Autoformer
QSC OT-600 Step-up Autoformer
The OT-600 is a heavy-duty step-up autoformer accessory that adapts any power amplifier output with a maximum voltage approximately 40 to 50 volts to drive a 70-volt distributed line with up to 600 watts.

Three voltage taps let you choose the one most appropriate for the amplifer. The OT-600 can also be used to drive a 100-volt line when used with an amplifier with a maximum output level of 55 to 70 volts.

Conversely, the OT-600 can be used as a high-power speaker transformer, driving loudspeakers with up to 600 watts from a 70-volr distributed line.

The OT-600 autoformer is compatible with an amplifier rated at approximately 350 to 600 watts at 4 ohms. It has a built-on brackets for convenient mounting on a panel or in an equipment rack.