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Panasonic PT-JX200 Direct Mount Space Player
Panasonic PT-JX200 Direct Mount Space Player

Panasonic PT-JX200 Direct Mount Space Player

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The Space Player provides a hybrid illumination and image-projection solution to enhance displayed objects or create vivid signage in variety of locations and applications. The ability to combine customized spotlighting and ambient illumination, still images, and moving pictures grabs attention in retail environments, while harnessing brightness and resolution to deliver text-and-image information clearly in exhibition spaces. With freedom to project a variety of media, and in-browser control for networked units, it's never been easier to transform your display.

Turn a meal into a memorable dining experience. Space Player takes presentation and atmosphere to the next level, be it with menu projection onto walls or tables, accentuating the color of food or decor, audio-video entertainment and information, or setting moods with shifting ambient light.

Turn heads with attention-grabbing effects for product presentations on shop floors and in window displays. Showcase the latest items against a backdrop that changes with your inventory. Turn a product display into a multi-media exhibit that informs while boosting buyer motivation. As stock changes, so too can your POS displays: just create new media files and load them onto SD card. Make adjustments to playlists, schedules, and display configurations using your PC, and fine tune with the supplied remote controller.

Panasonic PT-JX200 Features

  • Sleek Spotlight-type Design
  • Easy to Install
  • Shoot From Almost Any Angle
  • Bright and Vivid Picture Quality
  • 20,000 Hours Maintenance-free
  • Wireless Projection Capability
  • Network LAN Control
  • PT-JX200 direct mount space player1
  • Remote control unit1
  • AAA battery (for remote control)2
  • Card slot cap1
  • HDMI terminal cap1
  • LAN terminal cap1
  • Allen wrench1
  • Connector secure lock1
  • Power SupplyAC 120V 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption
    • 240W(2.3A)
    • Standby, Eco Mode: 0.4W
    • Standby, Network Mode: 0.5W
    • Standby, Normal Mode: 12W
  • DLP® chip
    • 0.55 (For screen aspect ratio of 4:3)
    • DLP® chip x1, DLP® method
    • 786,432 pixels (equivalent to XGA)
  • Lens
    • Powered zoom (1.3 - 2.9:1), Powered focusing method
    • F=2.0 - 2.7, f=15.2 mm - 32.7 mm
  • Light Source
    • Laser Diode (Laser class: Class 1*) *Class 3R for North America
    • Luminance life for set: 20,000 hours at half luminance
  • Screen Size0.76- 5.08 m (30 -200 inches) (4:3 aspect ratio)
  • Brightness *12,000 lumens
  • Center-to-corner Uniformity *180%
  • Contrast *11,000:1 (Full white / Full black)
  • Scanning Frequency (HDMI Input)
    • 525p(480i): fH 15.7kHz; fV 59.9Hz; fclk 27.0MHz
    • 625p(576i): fH 15.6kHz; fV 50.0Hz; fclk 27.0MHz
    • 525p(480p): fH 31.5kHz; fV 59.9Hz; fclk 27.0MHz
    • 625p(576p): fH 31.3kHz; fV 50.0Hz; fclk 27.0MHz
    • 750(720)/60p: fH 45.0KHz; fV 60.0Hz; fclk 74.3MHz
    • 750(720)/50p: fH 37.5KHz; fV 50.0Hz; fclk 74.3MHz
    • 1125(1080)/60i; fH 33.8kHz; fV 60.0Hz; fclk 74.3MHz
    • 1125(1080)/50i; fH 33.8kHz; fV 50.0Hz; fclk 74.3MHz
    • 1125(1080)/60p; fH 67.5kHz; fV 60.0Hz; fclk 148.5MHz
    • 1125(1080)/50p; fH 56.3kHz; fV 50.0Hz; fclk 148.5MHz
    • 640x480(VGA60); fH 31.5kHz; fV 59.9Hz; fclk 25.2MHz
    • 800x600(SVGA56): fH 35.2kHz; fV 56.3Hz; fclk 36.0Mhz
    • 800x600(SVGA60): fH 37.9kHz; fV 60.3Hz; fclk 40.0MHz
    • 1024x768(XGA60): fH 48.4KHz; fV 60.0Hz; fclk 65.0MHz
    • 1280x1024(SXGA60): fH 64.0kHz; fV 60.0Hz; fclk 108.0MHz
    • 1280x720/50: fH 37.1kHz; fV 49.8Hz; fclk 60.5MHz
    • 1280x720/60: fH 44.8kHz; fV 59.9Hz; fclk 74.5MHz
    • 1280x768/50: fH 39.6kHz; fV 49.9Hz; fclk 65.3MHz
    • 1280x768/60: fH 47.8kHz; fV 59.9Hz; fclk 79.5MHz
    • 1280x800/50: fH 41.3kHz; fV 50.0Hz; fclk 68.0MHz
    • 1280x800/60: fH 49.7kHz; fV 59.8Hz; fclk 83.5MHz
    • 1600x900/50: fH 46.4kHz; fV 49.9Hz; fclk 96.5MHz
    • 1600x900/60: fH 56.0kHz; fV 59.9Hz; fclk 118.3MHz
  • Optical Axis ShiftVertical: Fixed at 33% (1:2)
  • Keystone Correction Range
    • Vertical: Max. ±40°, Horizontal: Max. ±40°
    • (Max. values in each direction only)
    • With corner keystone function (Correction within above range)
  • InstallationFront/Rear (Vertical flip display can be turned on or off using "Vertical Flip")
  • Terminals
    • HDMI IN: HDMI 19-pin x1, Compatible with HDCP, Audio signal: linear PCM (sampling frequencies: 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 32 kHz)
    • AUDIO OUT: M3 x 1 (monitor out, stereo); 0-2.0 Vrms, variable, output impedance: 2.2 kilohms or less
    • LAN: RJ-45 x 1 for network connection 10Base-T/100Base-TX, PJLink™
    • DC OUT: USB Type A x 1, for power supply (DC5 V, max 900 mA)
  • Card Slot
    • SD card slot x 1 (SDHC memory card compatible)
    • Operation checked for Panasonic SD memory cards up to 2 GB capacity and Panasonic SDHC memory cards up to 32 GB capacity
  • Cabinet Materialsmolded plastic
  • Operation Noise
    • Normal Mode: 33dB
    • Eco Mode: 30dB
  • Brightness2000 lumens
  • ResolutionXGA 1,024 x 768 pixels (Input signals that exceed this resolution will be converted to 1,024 x 768 pixels.)
  • Technology1-Chip DLP Laser
  • Weightapprox. 9.9 pounds
  • Dimensions (DxL)6.7" x 10.9"

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