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Panasonic TH-55LFV9U Video Wall Display 55"
Panasonic TH-55LFV9U 55-Inch Video Wall Display

Panasonic TH-55LFV9U 55-Inch Video Wall Display

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The TH-55LFV9U is a 55" Video Wall display with a narrow bezel featuring clear, high image quality that supports 4K input. High-resolution IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel technology ensures that pictures displayed on screen remain clearly visible even when observed from oblique angles: vital for signage applications as well as in control rooms where clear visibility is necessary at all times.

If the main video and audio signals are interrupted, the system immediately switches to alternative signals. If the main signals are restored, the original image is displayed. This makes it ideal for mission critical control rooms and surveillance centers.

By using a daisy chain connection with DisplayPort in a 2x2 multiscreen configuration, 4K images can be displayed (Dot-by-Dot) without the need for scaling up or down. This gives you digital signage with higher definition.

Note: This listing is for a single panel.

Panasonic TH-55LFV9U Features

  • Ideal Picture Quality
  • High Reliability
  • Easy Configuration
  • IPS panel Improves Off-Axis Visibility
  • Failover and Failback Safeguards for Mission Critical Situations
  • Multiscreen Output of 4K Images

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