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DPA CXO4000 Compact XY/ORTF Stereo Holder
DPA CXO4000 Compact XY/ORTF Stereo Holder

DPA CXO4000 Compact XY/ORTF Stereo Holder

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MPN: CXO4000
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The CXO4000 Compact XY/ORTF Stereo Holder allows mounting d:dicate Compact Microphones in both a coincident XY stereo configuration as well as in a near-coincident ORTF combined time and intensity difference stereo configuration.

Two hooks in the middle of the stereo holder are for XY stereo, while the two hooks on the side are for ORTF stereo. It is even possible to use both stereo setups simultaneously in order to compare afterwards in the editing process. You can also use the holder to record in surround sound using one front and one back-orientated stereo setup.

This lightweight holder is a convenient and practical tool for mounting d:dicate Compact Microphones on a single microphone stand so they take up very little space. Shock mounting is done with the EXY4000 Extension for Compact Stereo Holders and the UA0897 Shock Mount.

The holder is made of black anodized aluminum and ethyl propylene rubber rings to ensure durability and stability. For flexibility, the holder also includes a thread adapter for attachment to most common microphone stands.

In order to receive an authentic reproduction of the total sound field (direct and ambient sound elements) it is extremely important to use microphones that have a linear and clean off-axis response. Likewise, it is critical to use two microphones that are, within a narrow tolerance, identical in frequency response and sensitivity.

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