Meyer DAI-24 D-Mitri Audio Platform

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Meyer DAI-24 D-Mitri Audio Platform
Meyer DAI-24 D-Mitri Audio Platform
D-Mitri is Meyer Sound’s integrated digital audio platform for mixing, playback, multichannel distribution, live event control, and acoustic space simulation. D-Mitri consists of a series of hardware modules that can be used to design audio systems for a wide range of applications.
An Ethernet network-based, modular system that encompasses the entire audio chain from microphone input to loudspeaker output, D-Mitri integrates sound reinforcement, simultaneous recording and playback, matrix mixing, digital signal processing, multichannel surround panning, and show control automation into a unified, programmable environment.
With Meyer Sound CueStation control software, you can access every D-Mitri feature and fullyautomate system operation while sharing control among multiple users. You can further customize interaction with the system using Python-based scripting.
D-Mitri systems can be scaled for venues of all types and sizes, including clubs, corporate boardrooms, theatres, houses of worship, museums, theme parks, performing arts centers, and sports arenas