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Alesis Strike Kit Eight-Piece Professional Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh
[DISCONTINUED] Alesis Strike Kit 8-Piece Pro Electronic Drum Kit w/Mesh

[DISCONTINUED] Alesis Strike Kit 8-Piece Pro Electronic Drum Kit w/Mesh

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The Strike Kit from Alesis is a professional-caliber electronic drum kit that maintains the feel and familiarity of acoustic drums while incorporating the versatility and capability of electronic drums. This eight-piece kit features large drum pads with mesh heads and sensitivity adjustment knobs, including a 14” kick drum pad*, a snare pad, three tom pads, and three cymbal pads. Along with a 4-posted chrome rack, snare stand, drumsticks, and more, the Strike kit includes all the components you need for a professional drum setup straight out of the box.

Embrace the optimized functionality of an electronic drum set without compromising your sound or surrendering any of the authenticity enjoyed by an acoustic set. Alesis’s patented multi-sensor drumhead designed ensures that sensitivity is distributed evenly across the entire surface, so you get an even, consistent response no matter where you hit. The patented design of Alesis’s characteristic mesh heads provides a dynamic drumming experience that replicates an acoustic drumhead, so you can express yourself spontaneously.

Adjust your playing response on the fly—even in the middle of a gig! Innovative technology from Alesis has incorporated an adjustment knob right on the drum, so you can fine-tune mid-performance to increase sensitivity or modify the sound output depending on the environment or situation. With its easy-to-read 4.3-inch color LED display, the Strike Performance Drum Module is the centerpiece of the Strike Kit. It comes with a built-in sound library of over 136 custom kits made from over 1800 instruments and 45,000 samples. Compatible with most music production software, this module includes a free download of the Strike Software Editor and also incorporates SD card storage and USB/MIDI connectivity.

*Hi-Hat Stand and Bass Drum Pedal Not Included

Alesis Strike Kit Features

  • Strike performance drum module with 4.3 full-color LCD screen and individual outputs
  • All new sounds, 110 kits and over 1600 multi-sampled instruments
  • 8GB SD card included for storing user kits, providing virtually unlimited storage for your own kits and instruments
  • Large dual-hoop pads with wood shells, and adjustable mesh heads
  • 14" Kick drum, 14" snare pad, 8",10",12" tom pads
  • 16" triple-zone ride cymbal,14" crash cymbal, and 12"moveable hi-hat
  • Premium 4-Post Chrome Rack
  • Software editor for creating custom kits/instruments,and importing .wav files
  • Larger and more flexible 4-post chrome rack
  • On board Sampling capability
  • USB/MIDI output for use with virtual instrument and recording software
  • Strike Performance Drum Module1
  • 14" Kick Drum Pad1
  • 14" Dual-zone Snare Pad1
  • 8" Dual-zone Tom Pad1
  • 10" Dual-zone Tom Pad1
  • 12" Dual-zone Tom Pad1
  • 16" Triple-zone Ride Cymbal1
  • 14" Dual-zone Crash Cymbal1
  • 12" Movable Hi-hat Cymbals1
  • 4-Post Chrome Rack1
  • Double Braced Snare Stand1
  • Cable Snake1
  • Set of Cable Wraps1
  • Drum Key1
  • Drumsticks2
  • Power Supply1
  • Module User Guide1
  • Kit Assembly Guide1
  • Safety and Warranty Manual1
  • Strike Software Editor (Download)1
  • Requirements
    • For USB-MIDI performance
    • MAC : OS X 10.7 or later
    • PC : Windows 7 or later
    • Available USB Port

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