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Elation Artiste Mondrian 950-Watt LED Moving Head
Elation Artiste Mondrian 950W LED Moving Head

Elation Artiste Mondrian 950W LED Moving Head

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The Artiste Mondrian™ is an extremely bright, full-featured LED profile FX fixture offering high center intensity, narrow-beam angles and a wide color-mixing gamut through its variable SpectraColor engine.

Providing up to 51,000 lumens from its efficient 950W 6,500K LED engine, the Mondrian is the ideal fixture for any application requiring superior output, bright and powerful narrow beams, and quiet operation, as well as stunning effects and colors. Mondrian integrates Elation's new SpectraColor system, which offers traditional CMY mixing but adds a variable RGB color mix for rich, saturated primaries. In combination with the variable CTO, the Mondrian allows for colors that were previously impossible to achieve, from theatrical pastels to the most vibrant red or blues ever produced by a color mixing system. The Artiste Mondrian’s wide color gamut is achieved by seven color-mixing flags with 16-bit precision for artistic possibilities that are truly inspiring. The fixed color wheel offers UV and high CRI options to round out the amazing color range of the fixture.

The full-blackout framing array includes Elation's newly designed, unlimited indexing and continuous rotation control. Shapes can rotate like gobos while morphing and transforming, allowing for new creative transitions and interesting projection and aerial effects not previously possible. Mondrian also offers a comprehensive FX package with 12 rotating interchangeable glass gobos, full animation wheel, dual prisms, dual frost and a high-speed iris. With a narrow beam zoom from 3.3° to 45° and a very large 226mm (8 3/4") front lens, the Mondrian has the power to cut through at even great distances in arena touring environments or any large-scale show setting.

Elation Artiste Mondrian Features

  • High Efficiency 950W 6,500K White Hotspot LED Engine
  • Up to 51,000 Total Lumen Fixture Output
  • Hotspot engine for powerful beams and high center intensity
  • SpectraColor CMYRGB Array and Variable Linear CTO
  • 6-Position Color Wheel, High CRI, UV Filter
  • Complete FX System: 2x Rotating Gobo Wheels, Animation, Iris, Dual Prism, Dual Frost
  • Full Blackout Framing System with 360° Continuous Index and Rotation of Shapes
  • Narrow Beams to Wide Washes from 3.3° to 45°
  • Large 226mm (8 3/4") Clear Plano Convex (PC) Lens

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