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Roland Fantom-8 88-Key Music Workstation
[DISCONTINUED] Roland FANTOM-8 88-Key Music Workstation

[DISCONTINUED] Roland FANTOM-8 88-Key Music Workstation

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The Roland FANTOM-8 88-Key Music Workstation is a new kind of creative hub, made for rapid production and expressive performance. Inspiring onboard production tools and deep computer integration fuel an experience that feels intuitive, natural, and full of possibilities. The expandable sound engine delivers our best electronic and acoustic sounds, with the depth and control to combine and shape them in exciting new ways.

When the creative juices are flowing, there should be no barriers. With FANTOM, you won't compromise your sound or suffer workarounds due to outdated technical limits. And forget worrying about what features work in which mode. FANTOM is always in full-on creative mode and your workflow stays consistent, no matter what.

When you're ready to create, so is FANTOM-and all it takes is a single touch. Your sounds, patterns, and performance layouts are arranged into custom creative spaces called Scenes. A Scene can be an entire song, section of a song, or a starting point with your favorite sounds laid out just how you like. Scenes can be chained together and changed instantly with no gaps or glitches.

FANTOM's flexible and expandable sound engine leverages decades of research and development, dishing out inspiring and authentic electronic, acoustic, and hybrid sounds by the bucketload. Combine multiple synthesis and sampling technologies along with the onboard analog filter for new and unusual sounds-and take advantage of new sound expansions and capabilities as they arrive.

Roland Fantom-8 Features

  • Seamless workflow with no confusing modes
  • Expandable sound engine delivers authentic electronic and acoustic sounds
  • Fresh hybrid sounds combining modern PCM, virtual analog, and a routable analog filter
  • V-Piano technology for stunning realism and expression
  • Scenes contain settings for all 16 layers, plus effects and patterns
  • Multitrack clip-based sequencing with instant pattern recording and triggering
  • TR-REC sequencer as found on classic Roland drum machines
  • High-resolution controls with dedicated synth control section
  • Massive DSP power for plenty of polyphony and smooth sound transitions
  • Deep integration with DAWs and softsynths and 16x3 stereo audio interface
  • Acclaimed 88-note weighted keyboard with aftertouch
  • FANTOM-8 88-Key Music Workstation1
  • Power Cable1
  • Keyboard88 Keys (PHA-50 Wood and Plastic Hybrid Structure, with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel, channel aftertouch)
  • Sound Generator
    • Sound Generator
      • ZEN-Core
      • V-Piano Technology (Only ZONE1)
      • VTW Organ (Only ZONE2)
      • SuperNATURAL Acoustic
      • SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano (Require adding EXSN01)
      • SuperNATURAL Electric Piano (Require adding EXSN02)
      • Various MODEL sound generators (Require adding EXM Series)
      • * ZEN-Core Tones and Model Tones can import and export.
    • Expansion
      • EXZ Series
      • EXSN Series
      • EXM Series
      • * The expansion are rewritable internal sound generator memory. You can download data from the Roland Cloud and write it via a USB flash drive into the FANTOM's internal memory.
    • Parts: 16 Zones (Internal + External)
    • Scenes: 128 Scenes x 4 Bank (*Scenes can imoprt and export)
    • Tones: over 3,500 Tones; over 90 Drum kits
    • Tone Remain: 16 parts (16 zones / 16 scenes) (*Tone Remain does not apply to V-Piano and VTW sounds)
    • Favorite: rating system 4 steps (0-3)
    • Tone Search / Scene Search: Rating, Character
    • Effects
      • Multi-Effects: 16 systems, 90 types
      • Part EQ: 16 systems
      • Drum Part COMP: 6 systems
      • Insertion Effect: 2 System, 90 Type
      • TFX: 1 System, 90 Types
      • Input MFX: 2 Systems(in Parallel), 90 Types
      • Chorus: 9 types
      • Reverb: 7 types
      • Master Compressor
      • Master EQ
      • Input Reverb: 7 types
      • Input EQ: 2 systems (in parallel)
    • Analog Filter
      • STEREO
      • Type: LPF1/LPF2/LPF3/HPF/BPF/Bypass
      • Drive
      • Amp
    • Vocoder
      • Band: 13, 20, 32
      • Type: Mono, Stereo
      • Preset Setting: 10
      • User Setting: 20
    • Scene Chain
      • Chain: 16 Scenes x 32 Pages (Total 512 Scenes) per 1 Chain set
      • Set: 100
      • Marker: 62 (0-9, A-Z, a-z) per 1 Chain Set
  • Sequencer
    • MIDI Tracks: 16 (Internal/External)
    • Group: 16
    • Pattern: 8 (per each Track)
    • Pattern Length: 32 measures
    • Recording Method: Realtime recording, Step recording, TR-REC
    • Editing Method: Piano roll edit (Touch Edit / Automation support), Microscope
    • Song: 1 (per Scene)
    • File Format: Original, SMF export/import supported (* PAD Sampler trigger data can be recorded.)
  • Sampler - Keyboard Multisample
    • Format: 16/24-bit linear, 44.1/48kHz, WAV/AIFF
    • Number of Samples: 8,000
    • Number of Multisamples: 128
    • Sampling Time: the maximum is 2 minutes 44 second (1 sample) (* A total of approximately 2 GB (Share with Expansion titles) (* Keyboard Multisample can import and export as ZEN-Core Tone.)
  • Sampler - Pad Sampler
    • Format: 16-bit linear, 44.1/48kHz, WAV/AIFF import supported
    • Maximum Polyphony: 8
    • Number of Samples: 16 Pads x 4 Banks
    • Sampling Time: the maximum is 60 minutes approx. 660MB (* A total of approximately 2 GB can be saved (including imported WAV files) (* When you use the PAD samples as KBD Wave, then you have to manipulation it.)
  • Sampler - Internal Storage Space for Files
    • Size: 2GB
  • Other
    • Rhythm Pattern: yes
    • Arpeggiator: yes
    • Chord Memory: yes
    • Motional Pad: yes
    • PAD Mode: Sample Pad, Note Pad, Partial Sw/Sel, DAW Control, Zone Mute, Zone Solo, Kbd Sw Group, Rhythm Pattern, Pattern, Variation Play, Group Play
    • AIRA Link: yes (*when connect to MX-1)
    • CV/Gate Control: 2 x CV/Gate or 3 x CV/1 x Gate
    • Controllers
      • Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever (* 1024 step editing support. It can be use with Cutoff, Resonance, Attack , Decay , Sustain , Release , Amp , FX Depth.)
      • Assignable Switch x 2 (S1/S2)
      • Control Knob x 8
      • Slider x 8
      • USB Audio Slider
      • Wheel x 2 (* 1024 step editing support. It can be use with Cutoff, Resonance, Attack , Decay , Sustain , Release , Amp , FX Depth.)
      • Function Knob x 6
      • Sound Modified Knob x 11 (* 1024 step editing support. It can be use with Cutoff, Resonance, Attack , Decay , Sustain , Release , Amp , FX Depth.)
      • 4 x 4 Pad
    • Display: Graphic Type, 7", Wide VGA (800 x 480 dots), backlit LCD (Color/Touch screen, Wallpaper support)
    • Connectors
      • Headphones Jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type
      • MAIN OUT Jacks (L/MONO, R) (1/4-inch phone type)
      • MAIN OUT Jacks (L, R) (XLR type)
      • SUB OUT1 Jacks (L, R) (1/4-inch phone type)
      • SUB OUT2 Jacks (L, R) (1/4-inch phone type)
      • ANALOG OUTPUT Jacks(1,2)(1/4-inch phone type)
      • Mic/Line Input Jacks: (1,2) (1/4 inch phone type/XLR type)
      • 2 x CV OUT, 2x GATE OUT
      • FOOT PEDAL JackS(HOLD, CTRL1,CTRL2,CTRL3) * 1024 Step value support
      • MIDI connectors (IN, OUT1, OUT2/THRU) * High-resolution velocity data output support
      • USB MEMORY Port
      • 3 x External Device Port: A Roland A-49 or an A-PRO series MIDI Controller can be connected. * Operation is not guaranteed if a generic MIDI device is connected.
    • Audio Interface
      • Max 24 bit/96 KHz
      • Record 16 Stereo Channel
      • Playback 3 Stereo Channel
    • External Memory: USB Flash drive (sold separately)
    • Power Supply: AC 117-240V, 50/60Hz
    • Power Consumption: 50W
  • Dimensions (WxDxH)56.44" x 17.31" x 6.06"
  • Weight61.13 pounds

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