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Blue Microphones B2 Bottle Cap Large Diaphragm Figure Eight Mic Capsule
Blue Microphones B2 Bottle Cap Microphone Capsule

Blue Microphones B2 Bottle Cap Microphone Capsule

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MPN: 988-000009
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The Bottle Cap Series offers an unprecedented creative palette for Bottle and BottleRocket Stage One mics. Inspired by the most coveted mics in recording history and forged for modern applications, the Bottle Caps embrace the past to define the future. The series delivers an extraordinary variety of timbres and polar patterns-with options ranging from vintage to modern-forming a world-class collection that would cost tens of thousands of dollars to obtain with individual mics. With the Bottle Caps, you can capture the unique character, dimension, and nuances of timeless performances from any vocalist or instrument.

B2 pays homage to the full sound of classic ribbon mics in a whole new way. Outfitted with a condenser capsule, B2 is able to replicate the sound of vintage ribbon mics while bearing up to higher SPL for an exquisitely present timbre.

Blue Microphones B2 Bottle Cap Features

  • Interchangeable capsule for Bottle and BottleRocket microphones
  • Big, warm, and full sound reminiscent of vintage ribbon mics
  • Figure 8 polar pattern
  • Excels at bringing out the warmth of vintage brass and woodwinds, jazz and horn ensembles, strings, guitars, vocals, and organ
  • B2 Bottle Cap large diaphragm figure 8 mic capsule1

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