Meyer MM-4XPD Directional Miniature Self-Powered Loudspeaker

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Meyer MM-4XPD Directional Miniature Self-Powered Loudspeaker
Meyer MM-4XPD Directional Miniature Self-Powered Loudspeaker
The MM-4XPD directional miniature self- powered loudspeaker, with IntelligentDC technology, was specifically designed for high-quality distributed systems in reverberant spaces. The directional polar pattern of the MM-4XPD, especially at low frequencies, significantly reduces room excitation and increases intelligibility. Its flexible and easy-to-configure mounting options, as well as its ability to effortlessly reproduce both speech and music, make the MM-4XPD an excellent choice for large distributed systems, theatrical presentations, museums, and small portable systems for corporate AV, where intelligibility is critical.
The MM-4XPD meets the same exceptional performance standards as the MM-4XP with the added advantage of a hypercardioid coverage pattern. Patent-pending technology yields a high degree of attenuation between the front and rear of the loudspeaker, achieving a directional polar response using passive acoustical techniques. Even at low frequencies, the breakthrough technology yields 10 dB of attenuation at the rear of the loudspeaker while retaining directional dispersion at high frequencies.
The MM-4XPD employs a single-driver design, avoiding the complexity and cost incurred by directional techniques implemented with two drivers requiring additional amplification and signal processing. Housed in a compact aluminum enclosure, the single 4-inch cone transducer, designed and manufactured at Meyer Sound's Berkeley, California factory, delivers an impressive maximum peak SPL of 113 dB and a wide operating frequency range of 120 Hz to 18 kHz with very low distortion. The MM-4XPD exhibits the same high intelligibility and flat frequency and phase responses for which Meyer Sound loudspeakers are known. Peak and rms limiters regulate loudspeaker temperatures and excursion.

  • Directional hypercardioid pattern provides 10dB of attenuation between the front and the back of the loudspeaker, even at low frequencies
  • Directional pattern reduces excitation of the room, desirable in highly reverberant spaces
  • Extremely compact size fits in small spaces
  • Patent-pending, passive, single-driver directional technology minimizes energy consumption, weight, and cabinet volume
  • Convenient U-bracket enables quick and easy mounting

  • Restaurants, bars and highly reverberant public spaces
  • Large distributed systems
  • Trade show presentations