Biamp Nexia SP Signal Processor

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Biamp Nexia SP Signal Processor
Biamp Nexia SP Signal Processor
Nexia SP is a digital signal processor with 4 line inputs and 8 independent mix outputs. Intended for speaker processing applications requiring line inputs feeding a larger number of discrete outputs, Nexia SP includes a broad selection of audio components, routing options, and signal processing.

The internal system design is completely user definable via PC software, and can be controlled via dedicated software screens, RS-232 control systems, and/or a variety of optional remote control devices. Multi-unit Nexia systems can be created utilizing Ethernet and NexLink digital audio linking.

  • 4 balanced line inputs on plug-in barrier strips
  • 8 balanced outputs on plug-in barrier strips
  • Ethernet port for software configuration/control
  • Serial port for third-party RS-232 remote control
  • Remote control bus for dedicated control panels
  • NexLink ports for multi-unit system designs
  • NEXIA software for Windows® 2000/XP
  • pre-configured I/O with definable processing
  • mix, route, combine, EQ, delay, control, etc.
  • CE marked and UL listed
  • covered by Biamp Systems' five-year warranty
  • Ability to select, view, and calibrate:
    • Mixers: standard, automatic, matrix, combiners
    • Equalizers: graphic, parametric, feedback
    • Filters: HPF, LPF, high shelf, low shelf, all-pass
    • Crossovers: 2-Way, 3-Way and 4-way
    • Dynamics: leveler, comp/limiter, ducker, ANC
    • Routers: 2x1 ~ 32x32
    • Delays: 0 ~ 2000 ms
    • Controls: levels, presets, logic, RS-232, etc.
    • Meters: signal present, peak, RMS
    • Generators: tone, pink-noise, white-noise
    • Diagnostics: transfer function