DPA SBS0400 Stereo Boom (With Shock Mounts)

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DPA SBS0400 Stereo Boom (With Shock Mounts)
DPA SBS0400 Stereo Boom (With Shock Mounts)
This lightweight stereo boom with shock-mounted microphone holders addresses the need for quick, precise and repeatable ways to switch between AB, XY, ORTF and DIN stereo principles.

The shock mounts included in this solution hold both omnidirectional and directional microphones - compact as well as larger. Based on the Rycote® Lyre suspension system, almost any microphone can be used simply by adding another Lyre™ rubber piece.

Markers indicate parallel microphones positioning plus 90° and 110° offset for XY an ORTF configurations. A central base with a rotary joint allows the microphones to be angled equally. The Stereo Boom with Shock Mounts has hooks for suspending the boom in wires.

The boom is 40 cm (1,3 ft) long. More holders can be attached to it for mounting more than two microphones.