Black Recoil Stabilizer, up-fire, 10.5" x 13"

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Black Recoil Stabilizer, up-fire, 10.5" x 13"
Black Recoil Stabilizer, up-fire, 10.5" x 13"

Up-fire Recoils are designed for post production suittes where monitors are often placed directly on a desk top. These introduce a more acute 10º angle that better directs the tweeter to the listening position. The up-fire angle can also be handy for smaller near field monitor when placed along side larger ones when sharing the same shelf.

  • Retention pad: Thin no-slip neoprene surface secures the nearfield monitor to the top surface for maximum signal transfer.
  • Steel platform: Laser cut ¼” (6mm) steel platform adds the necessary stabilizing mass to rigidly hold the nearfield monitor in place.
  • Curved front panel: Curved front panel eliminates standing waves and adds mass to the platform without increasing the footprint.
  • Isolation foam: High density open cell acoustic foam provides acoustic isolation to eliminate coupling between loudspeaker and shelf.

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