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Waves DiGiGrid D
Waves DiGiGrid D Desktop Interface

Waves DiGiGrid D Desktop Interface

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This smart, portable desktop interface for home and pro studios as well as the road delivers exceptional audio recording quality, pristine headphone amplification, and ultra-low latency for comfortable monitoring while tracking.

With 2 mic/line inputs, 2 instrument/line inputs, 4 line outputs, and a high-powered headphone amp for monitoring, DiGiGrid D can be connected to any SoundGrid audio network, making it ideal for setting up a temporary tracking or editing station or for adding high-quality I/O to your audio network, wherever and whenever you need it.

DiGiGrid D has two outputs with level control that are ideal for monitoring, and two further fixed-level line outputs. At home, in the studio or out on location, you can monitor with headphones or speakers, and enhance your favorite DAW to expand your recording capabilities.

DiGiGrid D is powered by a twist-lock 12V DC power supply (provided as standard), and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for maximum flexibility and easy setup, anywhere you want it.

Designed in much the same way as DiGiGrid M & DiGiGrid Q, the DiGiGrid D is the more expansive option, allowing the user to get even more creative with this clever little desktop interface.

Waves DiGiGrid D Features

  • Compact 4-input, 6-output 96 kHz advanced audio interface
  • Use as a standalone device or as an interface to a larger SoundGrid system
  • Analog controls for pure sonic performance
  • Designed for all applications: studio, educational, home studio and live
  • Enhance your DAW and expand your recording capabilities
  • Professional-quality network audio interface for PC and Mac
  • High-resolution input and output meters
  • Connects via a single Ethernet cable (Cat 5e/Cat 6)
  • Compatible with SuperRack, MultiRack, eMotion LV1, SoundGrid Studio
  • DiGiGrid D1
  • Mic Input
    • Input Impedance: 1K5Ω
    • Gain Range: 0 to +70 dB
    • Frequency Response: -3 dB <10 hz to 100 khz
    • (Analog to Analog)
    • Harmonic Distortion: 0.005% (40 dB Gain)
    • Noise EIN: Typically -127 dB (70 dB Gain)
    • High Pass Filter: -3 dB 100 Hz 18 dB/Octave
  • Line Input
    • Input Impedance: 1MΩ/10KΩ
    • Gain Range: +6 to +30 dB
    • Frequency Response: -3 dB <10 hz to 100 khz
    • (Analog to Analog)
    • Harmonic Distortion: 0.005%
  • Noise
    • Min Gain -82 dBu
    • Max Gain -73 dBu
  • Headphones
    • Gain Range Infinity: To +10 dB
    • Max Output Level:
    • Load RMS
    • 16Ω 2.3V
    • 32Ω 3.7V
    • 100Ω 6.0V
    • 200Ω 7.5V
    • 600Ω 8.8V
  • Monitor Outputs
    • Maximum Output Level: +22 dBu
    • Residual Output Noise: <92 dbu
    • Output Impedance: 50Ω
    • Harmonic Distortion: 0.005%
  • Dimensions
    • Width: 22.05 cm / 8.68 inches
    • Height: 7.85 cm / 3.09 inches
    • Depth: 16 cm / 6.29 inches
    • Device Weight: 1.7 kg / 3.75 lbs
    • Package Weight: 2.72 kg / 6 lbs

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Waves DiGiGrid D

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