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Middle Atlantic CSA Chassis Brackets

Chassis support brackets are a simple way to support heavy equipment within the rack and facilitates ventilation of high heat-generating equipment. • Compatible with the following racks when used with Z-rail or Z-rail adapter: MRK, VRK, VMRK • Allows equipment to be placed into the rack without attaching the rack screws – ideal for fast swap outs NOTE: These chassis support angles must be attached to the Z-Rail or to a Z-Rail adapter. These brackets are not compatible with standard L-shaped rackrail without certain hardware or rackrail adjustments.

  • Simple, effective support for heavy equipment without using rack screws
  • Note: Must be attached to Z-rail; not compatible with standard rackrail
  • Note: Compatible with MRK, VRK, VMRK, and WMRK racks only
  • Sold in pairs
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