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Saramonic SR-C2004 Dual Locking 3.5MM to Single Right-Angled 3.5MM Y Cable
Saramonic SR-C2004 Dual Locking 3.5mm to Right-Angle 3.5mm Y Cable

Saramonic SR-C2004 Dual Locking 3.5mm to Right-Angle 3.5mm Y Cable

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SoundPro Item: 94137
MPN: SR-C2004
MSRP: $25.00
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The Saramonic SR-C2004 is a short cable that lets you connect two 3.5mm wireless receivers, or audio sources into a single 3.5mm mic input of a camera, mixer, recorder or other device. It has two locking 3.5mm male connectors and ends in a single right-angle 3.5mm male connector. The locking connectors are compatible with wireless receivers that have locking outputs, and they work with receivers, or other audio sources that have regular 3.5mm outputs as well. All of the parts are gold-plated, which provides the best possible signal transfer and resists corrosion.

Because the SR-C2004 is a stereo Y cable, it allows users to separately record each source into their camera, recorder, mixer or stereo audio input. Sending one of locking 3.5mm input to the left side and the other locking 3.5mm input to the right side of the stereo recording. Easily and inexpensively expanding the recording capabilities of the device.

The 13-inch (33cm) length of the SR-C2004 is perfect for neatly connecting to wireless receivers that are mounted on a camera. This also keeps the cable compact, lightweight, and tangle-free. It was designed to be used with Saramonic Blink500, UwMic9, UwMic15, VmicLink5 and SR-WM4C receivers but can be used with other kinds of wireless systems as well.

The SR-C2004 is also an ideal accessory to input multiple wireless receivers, microphones, or audio sources into a portable recorder, like the SR-Q2 and SR-Q2M Pocket Recorders. It is also a perfect adapter to take advantage of stereo and auxiliary inputs of portable mixers to add even more inputs.

Saramonic SR-C2004 Features

  • Splitting sources for isolated recordings
  • Two receivers into one camera, without a mixer
  • Multiple audio sources into one input
  • SR-C2004 dual locking 3.5mm to single right-angled 3.5mm y cable1
  • Connectors2 gold-plated locking 1/8", 1 right-angle gold-plated 1/8"
  • Length13"
  • Weight0.65 oz (18g)

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