Avid Venue Profile Control Surface
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Avid Venue Profile Control Surface<br/>Used $25,995
Avid Venue Profile Control Surface
Used $25,995

  • (2) 48 in, 8 out stage racks (96 input total)
  • (1) local rack

  • Get immediate access to and control over any channel strip function, from inputs to Aux sends, using the Channel Control encoders. Control all software functions remotely over a wired or wireless Ethernet device. And maximize your efficiency by triggering macros to perform complex functions with a simple button press, footswitch stomp, or fader move.
  • Never lose sight of your most important performer on the stage. Simply latch that performer’s channel to the centrally located Flex Channel for continuous control—even when you change fader banks or select another channel. This special fader strip includes a dedicated fader, encoder, LCD display, and solo, mute, and select switches.
  • Connect mics, devices, and more through a variety of inputs and outputs on the back of the console. Control up to 48 mic inputs. Expand your analog output count from 16 up to 32. Communicate with artists through the talkback input. Play pre-show or walk-on music by connecting a music player to the 2-track analog or digital ins. Create stereo recordings by connecting a recorder to the 2-track analog or digital outs. And add remote I/O capabilities with the optional Stage 48 box.