Clear-Com KB111A Speaker Station
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Clear-Com KB111A Speaker Station<br/>Used $50
Clear-Com KB111A Speaker Station
Used $50

The Clear-Com KB-lllA is a Remote Speaker Station that provides talk/ listen communications on one of two channels within our closed-circuit intercom system. It features a wide frequency response, high output speaker and the ability to operate with a carbon headset OR a dynamic headset, handset, or pushto-talk mic.

The KB-IllA features the Clear-Com contoured frequency response for consistently excellent speech intelligibility in all surroundings. The speaker delivers crisp sound pressure levels, clearly audible in high- or low-noise environments. The Remote Station features Automatic Headset Detection; its built-in mic preamp automatically shuts off when the headset is disconnected, eliminating noise pick-up on the intercom line. The intercom circuitry incorporates a mic limiter, which assures constant talk levels and prevents overload.

The KB-lllA's speaker can remain on at all times, or you can turn it off so that private conversations may be carried out with a headset or telephone handset . The threeposition mic switch allows you to: 1) keep the mic on at all times; 2) activate the mic momentarily; 3) switch off the mic so the KBlIlA can function as a "listenonly" station.