Clear-Com KB211 PL Pro Speaker
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Clear-Com KB211 PL Pro Speaker<br/>Used $75
Clear-Com KB211 PL Pro Speaker
Used $75

The Clear-Com PL-Profor use in theatres, live performances, industrial environments, and smalltelevision facilities. It features speech intelligibility, even in high noise levels,and can be customized through its programmable options.In addition, the Clear-Com PL-Prooptional Clear-Com gooseneck panel microphone and a close-in, voice-operated circuit (VOX). This circuit allows automatic, alternate dipping of thepanel microphone and the speaker in response to conversation.

Selectable, two-channel talking and/or listening allows the operator tocommunicate on either of the intercom channels. The dual-action talk buttonoperates in electronic momentary or latching mode. Monitoring can be donethrough the headset, the integral speaker, or both simultaneously.

The KB-211offers both visual and audible call signaling to attract the attention ofoperators. The Remote Mic Kill (RMK) feature on main stations will turn offany open microphones on the KB-211.