Yamaha PM5D RH-48 Tour Pack
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Yamaha PM5D RH-48 Tour Pack<br/>Used $6,500
Yamaha PM5D RH-48 Tour Pack
Used $6,500

The Yamaha PM5D-RH V2 digital mixing console offers 48 XLR analog mono inputs with recallable mic preamps derived from the head amplifier design of the Yamaha PM5000, with 4 stereo inputs that will accept mic level signals.

The Yamaha PM5D-RH V2 can accommodate a total of 130 input connections (48 channel inputs, four stereo inputs, five 2 TR IN's plus four Mini-YGDAI slots), and can handle up to 64 inputs simultaneously. The 64 input mixing channels are configured by default as 48 mono input channels, 4 stereo inputs, and 4 stereo effect returns. By utilizing the internal patch bay and expansion slots you can instantly scene-switch between totally separate stage setups. In terms of bus-routing capability you have 24 mix buses that can function as submasters or auxiliary sends, in addition to the stereo A and B (or LCR) and CUE buses. There's also an 8-output mix matrix that is invaluable for setting up submixes for a variety of applications. Any of the input channels, mix buses, and matrix buses can be assigned to the console's 8 DCA faders for extraordinarily flexible group control.

  • High-performance head amps with head-amp recall capability that allows head amp gain settings to be recalled along with the other console scene data
  • 48 mono and 4 stereo inputs, 24 mix buses and 2 stereo outputs, and 8 matrix outputs (expandable)
  • Custom “DSP7” LSI for ultra-high-speed 96-kHz/32-bit processing
  • I/O capacity and functionality can be doubled or tripled by adding one or two rack-mountable DSP5D Digital Mixing Systems
  • Easy “virtual soundcheck” with individually assignable channels does not require complex re-patching
  • Built-in VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling) effects offer impeccable simulations of classic signal processing gear
  • 8 high-performance multi-effect processors and 12 graphic equalizers built in
  • Enhanced security features keep the system operating flawlessly in any application

  • 2 PSU in case
  • 3 board lamps
  • Console case