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JBL SRX900 RC1 SRX900 Speaker Rain Cover
JBL SRX900 RC1 SRX900 Speaker Rain Cover

JBL SRX900 RC1 SRX900 Speaker Rain Cover

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The SRX900 RC1 is a universal rain cover used for protecting SRX900 amplifier modules from moisture. The rain cover attaches to the amplifier module using the five included M3.5 fasteners and covers the LCD, XLR and etherrCON® connectors. A Velcro feature allows easy access to the LCD and connectors, while cover’s flexible material allows it to drape around the connected cables.

Once attached, the RC1 is designed to remain on the product; it does not need to be removed for indoor applications. The RC1 should always be used when SRX900 products are used outdoors. Note that the Neutrik powerCON® TRUE1® TOP power connectors are IP65 rated, and do not need to be covered for outdoors use.

JBL SRX900 RC1 Features

  • Universal rain cover for SRX900 products
  • Flexible material for conforming to cables
  • Covers LCD, audio, and data connections
  • Unfolds for easy cable and LCD access
  • Designed to remain attached
  • SRX900 RC1 rain cover1
  • T15 M3.5 screws5
  • Supports
    • SRX906LA
    • SRX910LA
    • SRX918S
    • SRX928S

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JBL SRX900 RC1 SRX900 Speaker Rain Cover

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