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Kramer BC-UNIKat CAT6A U/FTP Video and LAN Bulk Cable
Kramer BC-UNIKat CAT6A U/FTP Video and LAN Bulk Cable

Kramer BC-UNIKat CAT6A U/FTP Video and LAN Bulk Cable

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Kramer's BC−UNIKAT cable is a unified CAT6a cable that handles all Pro AV and IT signals. Over four individually screened twisted pairs, this U/FTP CAT6A cable runs Kramer’s DGKat™ technology, 4K HDBaseT™ technology or LAN applications and ensures optimal signal performance.

Kramer BC-UNIKat CAT6A U/FTP Video and LAN Bulk Cable Features

  • Low Smoke & Halogen Free
  • Quality Construction — 4 shielded twisted pairs (U/FTP) of 23AWG solid copper conductors are cabled together in an unshielded outer jacket.
  • Optimized for Kramer Hardware — Use with any of Kramer’s wide range of twisted pair digital transmitter–receiver sets. Terminate with shielded transmitter–receiver sets (DGKat™ and HDBaseT) and shielded RJ–45 connectors.
  • HDBaseT Recommended —–recommended–cables/.
  • Reaction to Fire Classification — Dca–s2,d1,a1 (optional: B2ca–s1,d1,a1).
  • RJ–45 Connector — The larger diameter 23AWG twisted pair cable requires a suited RJ–45 connector. Use the K–LAN CON–RJ45–3.
  • Length — Available in reel boxes of 100m (328ft) & wooden drums of 305/500m (1000/1640ft).
  • BC-UNIKat CAT6A U/FTP Video and LAN Bulk Cable1
  • Conductors
    • Size: 4x2x23AWG
    • Material: Annealed copper
    • Diameter: 0.56mm ±0.01mm
  • Insulation
    • Material: Skin/Foam/Skin HDPE
    • Diameter: 1.33mm ±0.10mm
    • Color Code: White/Blue, White/Orange, White/Green, White/Brown
  • ScreeningMaterial: Alu/PET per pair (Alu side out)
  • Drain Wire
    • Material: Tinned copper
    • Diameter: 0.4mm ±0.01mm
  • Jacket
    • Material: LSHF
    • Color: Blue RAL 5012
    • Thickness: ≥0.5mm
    • Diameter: 7.2mm ±0.2mm
  • Electrical
    • Impedance: 1–100MHz: 100Ω ±15Ω, 100–250MHz: 100Ω ±20Ω, 250–500MHz: 100Ω ±25Ω
    • Propagation Velocity (NVP): 76%
    • Voltage Rating: 60V
    • Delay Skew: <45ns
    • Mutual Pair Capacitance: ≤42pF/m
    • Capacitance Unbalance Pair/ground: ≤1500pF/km
    • Conductor DC Resistance: <79.8Ω/km
    • Pair Resistance Unbalance DC: <1.5%
    • Dielectric Strength: 2.5kV DC (2s)
    • Insulation Resistance (500V): >5000MΩ/km
  • Usage and Environmental
    • Storage / Transport / Installation Temperature: 0˚C to +50˚C
    • Operation Temperature: –20˚C to +60˚C
  • Mechanical
    • Maximum Pulling Tension: : 100N
    • Bending Radius - Installed: 50mm
    • Bending Radius - During Installation: 60mm
  • Standards Compliance - EC Verified
    • Electrical: EIA/TIA 568A, ISO/IEC 11801
    • Fire Performance: IEC 60332‑1
    • Smoke Density: IEC 61034
    • Halogen Free: IEC 60754
    • RoHS: 2011/65/EU
  • Standards of ComplianceReaction to Fire Classification: Dca–s2,d1,a1 (optional: B2ca–s1,d1,a1)

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Kramer BC-UNIKat CAT6A U/FTP Video and LAN Bulk Cable

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