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Mackie SRT212 1600W 12-Inch Powered Speaker
Mackie SRT212 1600W 12-Inch Powered Speaker

Mackie SRT212 1600W 12-Inch Powered Speaker

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The Mackie SRT212 1600W 12-Inch Powered Speaker is designed for real-world performance. The latest acoustic processing technology, powerful amplifiers, and ultra-versatile SRT Mix Control + SRT Connect app means easy setup, incredible sound, and unbeatable reliability.

Mackie’s filtering technology is not your typical speaker processing. The goal of Advanced Impulse™ DSP is to remove all the anomalies that loudspeakers and horns contribute to a signal, from “honkiness” or “squelch” to "mushy" low end, effectively making the drivers "invisible" and output nothing but perfect, clean sound. By more intelligently (and more thoroughly) employing the benefits of FIR filtering, Advanced Impulse DSP eliminates undesired acoustic anomalies across the entire dispersion zone (horizontal and vertical), as well as frequency range and time domain.

The custom horn within each loudspeaker was designed with the goal to bring out the very best from the HF transducer while maintaining the flattest response possible at the crossover point. The special design of this horn allows the compression driver to operate at near maximum efficiency. This means it gets louder and sounds better with less effort. The transition between the LF and HF is a symmetrical, flat response which is what helps make the incredibly smooth midrange possible.

When operating at very high levels (ears beware), the processor-controlled system monitoring analyzes the audio signal and identifies the problem areas, then dynamically applies multi-band compression to those specific frequencies rather than lowering the overall output. This keeps your levels where you want them and maintains the sound quality you expect.

With the SRT Connect™ app available for iOS and Android® devices, you get complete control over everything and then some for up to 2 speakers simultaneously. Quickly access levels, EQ, meters, and configuration. Plus, you can save memory presets to streamline setup at your next gig. When you link to another SRT Series loudspeaker, you get control over the entire system in the app, all in one view. No additional pairing or swapping back and forth on your device is required. For an incredibly simple music playback system, you can stream music directly from any Bluetooth enabled device.

Mackie SRT212 Features

  • 1600W Class D amplifier is designed for ultra-reliable consistent performance
  • Custom high-efficiency transducers ensure maximum clarity and accuracy
  • Advanced Impulse™ DSP proprietary acoustic tuning
    • Crystal clear sound across the entire dispersion zone means the whole room is the sweet spot
    • Precision crossover and transducer time-alignment ensures balanced and accurate sound
  • Custom Sym-X™ horn
    • Allows for total efficiency from the HF transducer minimizing distortion and increasing output
    • Creates a perfectly symmetrical, flat response at the crossover point for exceptionally smooth midrange
    • Horn-loading frequency is set below the HF drivers' LF capability allowing for maximum efficiency and optimal performance at the crossover point
  • Transparent system limiting and protection
    • Dedicated processing module monitors and protects the amplifier in real time
    • Sound quality and tonal balance is maintained even under heavy limiting
    • Powerful multi-band compression lets the amplifier target specific frequency ranges to prevent the system from being overloaded rather than turn everything down at the expense of overall output
    • Input limiting keeps source signal in check
    • Universal power supply (100-240 VAC) with Power Factor Correction for stable operation even with unstable AC power
  • SRT Mx Control™ built-in 4-channel digital mixer with Bluetooth®
    • Dual independent channels support mic, line, and instrument signals
    • Dedicated 1/8" stereo aux channel
    • Stream music from any Bluetooth® enabled device
    • High contrast full color display for easy single-knob access to mixer and processing
    • Adjust channel levels and EQ
    • Application and venue specific voicing modes
    • Alignment delay up to 100 feet
    • Save and recall up to 10 user presets
    • Screensaver plus dimmer and contrast control
    • System lock with 4-digit passcode
    • Front LED on, off and signal present modes
  • Complete wireless control via the SRT Connect™ App
  • Wirelessly link SRT speakers together for music streaming applications plus complete control over both speakers
    • Up to 328 feet of range between linked speakers
    • Stereo or dual zone linking modes allows discrete control over the inputs and outputs of the entire system across two rooms or zones
    • Creates an incredibly clean setup in minutes
  • Versatile configuration options
  • SRT212 1600W 12" powered speaker1
  • Frequency Response
    • -10 dB: 44Hz - 20,000Hz
    • -3 dB: 52Hz - 20,000Hz
  • Coverage (HxV)90° x 60°
  • Max. SPL peak132 dB
  • Monitor Angle45°
  • Transducers
    • Low Frequency: 12"
    • High Frequency: 1.4" compression driver
  • Power Amplifiers
    • System Power Amplification Rated Power: 1600 watts peak
    • Low Frequency Power Amplifier
      • Rated Power: 1400 watts peak
      • Rated THD: <1%
      • Design: Class D
    • High Frequency Power Amplifier
      • Rated Power: 200 watts peak
      • Rated THD: <1%
      • Design: Class D
  • System Processing
    • Voicing: 5 speaker modes
    • Subwoofer HPF: off, SR18S, DRM18S, Var
    • Input EQ: 3-band
    • Delay: 0-100ms
  • Equalization
    • Low: ±12 dB @ 80Hz
    • Mid: ±12 dB @ 2.5kHz
    • High: ±12 dB @ 5kHz
    • HPF: 80Hz - 150Hz (Var)
  • Input/Output
    • Input Type
      • 2x female XLR balanced
      • 1/4" balanced
      • 1/8" stereo
    • Mic-Line Impedance: 20 kΩ balanced
    • 1/4" TS, Wide-Z™ Impedance: 100 kΩ balanced
    • Direct Out and Mix Out: male XLR balanced
    • Mix Out Impedance: 300 Ω balanced
  • Electronic Crossover
    • Crossover Type: 24 dB/octave
    • Crossover Frequency: 2 kHz
  • Line Input Power
    • Detachable Line Cord
      • ~100 - 240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 110W
      • ~220 - 240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 110W
    • AC Connector: 3-pin IEC 250 VAC, 10A male
    • Power Supply Type: switchmode
  • Construction Features
    • Enclosure Material: black polypropylene
    • Enclosure Finish: light black texture
    • Grille Material: 16-18 gauge perforated steel w/ nylon net backing
    • Grille Finish: powder-coated black
    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 25.9" x 15.2" x 14.2"
    • Weight: 32.5 pounds

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