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Meyer Sound 750-LFC Very Compact Low-Frequency Line Array Element
[DISCONTINUED] Meyer Sound 750-LFC Low-Frequency Line Array Element

[DISCONTINUED] Meyer Sound 750-LFC Low-Frequency Line Array Element

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The Meyer Sound 750-LFC Low-Frequency Line Array Element is available in various configurations with different protections and RMS.

The 750-LFC low-frequency-control element’s impressive power-to-size-ratio and versatile features make it the right choice for any application demanding superior low-frequency performance in low-profile systems. It pairs perfectly with ULTRA‑X40 and LINA systems, extending response down to 36 Hz for deeper, richer bass with total control.

Its 15-inch, dual-voice coil, long-excursion driver faithfully reproduces source material across the entire low-frequency spectrum, offering extremely low distortion and optimized phase response.

The 750-LFC is driven by a two-channel, open-loop Class D amplifier that provides discrete, precisely synchronized power to each voice coil. This efficient, lightweight design, coupled with sophisticated signal processing, means you can count on the 750-LFC to reproduce low frequencies at high continuous levels with clarity and punch.

The 750-LFC’s compact footprint gives you the flexibility to bring superior low-frequency performance to situations where space is at a premium—whether you’re on tour or designing fixed installations for venues ranging from theatres and houses of worship to corporate spaces and theme parks.

The 750-LFC’s active design means no amp racks, no long cable runs, and no gain and crossover calibration to worry about. And its light weight and hassle-free hardware make it easy for anyone on your crew to get the system up and running, fast.

Meyer Sound 750-LFC Features

  • Low-profile low-end enhancement
  • Large-system linearity, lightweight design
  • Unprecedented power for its size
  • Extended low end, installed or on the road
  • Pairs seamlessly with LINA and ULTRA series systems
  • Use with Meyer Sound software tools MAPP 3D and Galileo GALAXY
  • Effortless rigging
  • 750-LFC very compact low-frequency line array element1

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