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Mogan EIO-BG Elite ICE Omni Earset Microphone
Mogan EIO-BG Elite ICE Omni Earset Microphone

Mogan EIO-BG Elite ICE Omni Earset Microphone

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  • Mogan EIO-BG Elite ICE Omni Earset Microphone
MSRP: $460.95

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Featuring the exclusive Invisi-Clear Earpiece (ICE), the EIO-BG Omni Earset Microphone provides low visibility on stage with Mogan Elite sound and comfort.

Designed to deliver full-frequency vocal reproduction for the most discerning presenter, the Mogan Elite earset microphone is a terrific choice for broadcasters, theatrical performers, church worship leaders, and other professionals seeking exceptional audio performance-both spoken word and vocals- for mission-critical applications.

The heart of this outstanding microphone is its capsule. The Mogan Elite earset microphone boasts a moisture-resistant, 2.5 mm Omni-directional capsule with -45 dB nominal sensitivity that is designed to be positioned farther from one's mouth. Delivering full-frequency audio performance (20 Hz - 20 kHz) and high gain before feedback, this microphone delivers the natural, resonant sound quality that is required for on-air applications and critical, live sound reinforcement tasks, including vocal reproduction in a theatrical environment.

In addition to its impressive audio quality, the new Mogan Elite earset microphone features an innovative earpiece designed to be worn comfortably for extended periods-enabling one to deliver clear, crisp vocal performances without distraction. With a fleshy ear cushion concealing its fully adjustable, sprung-steel (stainless) mechanism, this earset microphone feels extremely natural when worn over one's left or right ear.

Each unit includes a foam windscreen and a single mic clip. The entire package ships in an impact-resistant, compression-molded neoprene zippered case.

Available Models

  • EIO-BG-AK: AKG connector
  • EIO-BG-AT: Audio-Technica connector
  • EIO-BG-SE: Sennheiser connector
  • EIO-BG-SH: Shure connector

Mogan EIO-BG Elite ICE Features

  • Invisi-Clear Earpiece (ICE)
  • 2.5mm moisture-resistant omnidirectional capsule
  • Comfortable wear for long periods
  • Fleshy ear cushion
  • Perfect for broadcast, theater, house of worship, and other spoken word and vocal uses
  • EIO-BG elite ICE omni earset microphone1
  • Foam windscreen1
  • Mic clip1
  • Case1

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