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[OPEN-BOX] Yamaha DTX402K 402 Series Electronic Drum Kit
[OPEN-BOX] Yamaha DTX402K 402 Series Electronic Drum Kit

[OPEN-BOX] Yamaha DTX402K 402 Series Electronic Drum Kit

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  • [OPEN-BOX] Yamaha DTX402K 402 Series Electronic Drum Kit
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Become a drummer the moment you first play the Yamaha DTX402K electronic drum kit. Including 4 drum heads, 2 cymbal/hi-hat pads, crash cymbal, hi-hat controller, and kick-unit, this drum set has everything a beginning drummer needs. Built-in training functions and an app specifically for this drum kit provide excellent support to start and enhance your skills. The kit does not have built-in speakers, so using headphones or connecting monitor speakers (not included) are the options for hearing the drums being played.

Created to mimic the sounds of an acoustic drum set, there are 10 built-in drum kit sounds in this setup. A mix of options in pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, Latin and more give you the creative power to find your perfect style from a mix of acoustic effects and electronic sounds. These built-in kits can also be overridden with sounds you create. Drum pad sensitivity can change drum style, so the kit’s sensitivity is adjustable from the mode switch and volume buttons. Increased sensitivity allows louder sounds to be more easily produced with softer drumming, while decreased sensitivity means louder sounds are only produced by hard drumming strikes. Adjustments to cymbal sound are physical; “choke” the cymbal sound by grasping the sensors on the cymbal’s edge after striking.

Designed with the beginning drummer in mind, DTX402K drum kit is loaded with learning tools. Pad gate, rhythm gate function, and fast blast function quickly assess your skills when you first start, and help you practice. DTX402 Touch is an app specifically for this drum kit with easy to follow and enjoyable lessons. Rec’n’Share app can also be used with this kit to practice and play music then quickly share your creations on social media.

One of the go-to authorities in high-quality acoustic and electronic drums, Yamaha has become known for electronic drum kits that pack useful features into a durable and aesthetically pleasing design. The kit is also lightweight and simple to put together, for a set that travels without hassle. Without built-in speakers, a headphone connection is all you need, though monitor speakers can be added (not included). As a great beginner’s kit, the drum kit can grow with your drumming skills. Easily connect the drum module to your computer from a USB port and to generate audio data from sounds produced in the drums. Link the module to a DAW for music production use.

Yamaha DTX402K Features

  • Traditional starter electronic drum kit with toms, cymbals, hi-hat, and floor pedals
  • Sounds from 10 built-in drum kits include styles of pop, rock, metal, funk, hiphop, jazz, Latin, and more
  • Hear via headphones or monitor speakers (not included) from the Phones/Output jack
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Cymbal can be choked by pinching sensors on cymbal's edge
  • 10 built-in training functions
  • Learning app DTX402 Touch specifically for this drum kit
  • Compatible with Rec'n'Share app for recording and uploading to social media
  • Rack (3 drum pads)1
  • Rack (1 drum pad)1
  • Hi-hat holder (with stopper)1
  • Cymbal holders (without stoppers)2
  • Cymbal/hi-hat pads2
  • Crash cymbal pad1
  • Drum module1
  • Hi-hat controller1
  • Kick unit1
  • 9-channel snake cable1
  • Drum key1
  • Cable bands2
  • Tone Generator
    • Voices
      • Drum and Percussion: 287
      • Keyboard: 128
    • Drum Kits: 10 (all of which may be edited and overwritten)
  • Click
    • Tempo: 30 to 300 BPM (Tap Tempo and Voice Guidance functions)
    • Beat: 1/4 to 9/4
  • Connectors
    • Snare
    • Crash
    • Hi-Hat CTL
    • Kick/Pad (mini stereo audio)
    • Tom1
    • Tom2
    • Tom3
    • Ride
    • Hi-Hat (mini mono audio)
    • USB to Host (type B)
    • AUX In (mini stereo audio)
    • Phones/Output (standard stereo audio)
    • DC In
  • Power SupplyPA-130 (or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha)
  • Power Consumption5 W

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[OPEN-BOX] Yamaha DTX402K 402 Series Electronic Drum Kit

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