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Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 16-Track Production Sampler
[DISCONTINUED] Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 16-Track Production Sampler

[DISCONTINUED] Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 16-Track Production Sampler

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The Toraiz SP-16 is the first in the Pioneer DJ line-up of music production tools designed with DJs and producers in mind. In partnership with the legendary synth creator Dave Smith to add his Prophet-6 analog filters, this sampler and step sequencer is specifically engineered to provide your creations with a rich, analog warmth and presence. Use these classic filters to sculpt your sound by customizing Drive, Cut Off, and Resonance, with the final result of a truly analog experience.

Use the simple layout and 7” full-color touch screen for producing, or as a standalone unit in the DJ booth to enhance performances and make the music your own. This intuitive display gives you instant access to browse, select, and deploy samples using color-coding, while the rotary dials under the screen allow you to fine-tune parameters to fit your unique sound.

Instantly sample input sounds and use them in your tracks. Load or record live samples from hardware like the Toriaz AS-1 synthesizer or even a vinyl turntable (both sold separately), and your sampled sounds will be automatically synced with the current sequence for playing loops, edited samples, or dropped directly into the live mix. You can also load up to 16 samples to the large rubber pads to freely improvise layered sounds.

Create up to 256 patterns from the 16-step sequencer, then instantly save and playback loops, modulating sounds with the dials, and edit or drop samples straight into a live remix. The SP-16’s multicolored LEDs give at-a-glance updates as to what samples are in play, while the pressure-sensitive Velocity Mode offers precise volume control. With 8GB of flash memory, you have enough power and space to use the Toriaz SP-16 as a standalone unit without needing a laptop—even when you’re using time stretch, pitch bend, or the amp envelope.

Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 Features

  • Analog filters from Dave Smith Instruments' Prophet-6 synth
  • 7" touch screen
  • Live sampling automatically synchronised with current sequence
  • 16-step sequencer
  • Tactile performance pads hold up to 16 samples
  • Time stretch
  • Pitch bend
  • Amp envelope
  • 8GB of flash memory

In the Box

  • 1x Toraiz SP-16 16-Track Production Sampler

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 17.19 x 2.93 x 10.28 inches
  • Weight: 7.05 lbs

In The Box

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