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Powersoft T904 4-Channel Power Amplifier with DSP/Dante
Powersoft T904 4-Channel Power Amplifier with DSP/Dante

Powersoft T904 4-Channel Power Amplifier with DSP/Dante

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The T Series is a very flexible and cost-effective amplifier platform with loudspeaker processor. The T904 is designed to power bi-amped systems like stage monitors, 2-way point source speakers, and 2-way line sources, as well as smaller subwoofers.

The amplifiers feature input via Dante, AES3, and analog. The Dante and AES3 solutions are optimized for daisy-chained distribution of 2-channel audio for distribution to many amplifiers without the need for external switches/repeaters/ splitters. A simple Dante system has a daisy chain with the mixing console at one end, a WiFi access point at the other end, and the amplifiers in-between.

Powersoft T904 Features

  • The loudspeaker processing sets a new benchmark for cost-effective amplification for small and medium-sized systems and stage monitors. The T Series can be controlled and configured in different ways.
  • Full control with a PC running Armonía.
  • Control from the front panel display for features like preset recall (also per output), gain, delay, mute. This makes it very easy to use for small systems in a rental company. The display also shows the available headroom with easy to read numbers in dB as well as other status monitoring parameters.
  • Web app. Use any device with a browser (e.g. a tablet) and access the amplifier via an external WiFi access point for easy control.
  • Group controllable advanced EQ with raised cosine filters
  • Large preset library
  • Preset compatibility with X Series
  • Very long FIR filters (42.6 ms)
  • Control and monitoring through ArmoníaPlus
  • T904 4-Channel Power Amplifier with DSP/Dante1
  • Output power per channel
    • Output power per channel: 1800W @ 2Ω, 2000W @ 4Ω, 1600W @ 8Ω
    • Bridge mode: 3600W @ 4Ω, 4000W @ 8Ω
    • Max output voltage / current
      • Max unclipped output voltage @8Ω: 175 Vpeak
      • Current: 55 Apeak
  • AC Main Power
    • Power supply: Universal, regulated switch mode with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
    • Nominal power requirement: 100-240V ±10%, 50-60 Hz
    • Operating voltage: 90V – 264V
    • Power consumption / Current draw
      • 1/8 of max output power @ 4Ω: 120V: 1702W – 15 A, 230V: 1676W – 8.2 A
  • Thermal dissipation
    • 1/8 of max output power @ 4Ω: 120V: 1713 BTU/h, 230V: 1624 BTU/h

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