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Radial Catapult RX4 4 Channel Balanced Audio Snake
Radial Catapult RX4 4 Channel Balanced Audio Snake

Radial Catapult RX4 4 Channel Balanced Audio Snake

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MSRP: $276.00

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The Catapult RX4 from Radial is a balanced audio snake that allows you to send four channels of analog audio over a standard Cat 5 or Cat 6 Ethernet cable.

More about the Catapult Series

Radial’s Catapult modules operate like a typical 4-channel audio snake, enabling you to send mic or line-level signals from one location to another without interference, noise, or signal loss—all without requiring digital audio conversion. This modular system allows you to mix and match devices to meet individual application needs.

Catapult modules use Cat 5 Ethernet cables for versatile, lightweight, and budget-friendly audio transmission. Many buildings are pre-wired for Cat 5, making Catapult ideal for contractor applications because you can put this compatibility to good use to transmit audio between different rooms. This eliminates the need for installing or purchasing bulky and expensive multi-channel audio cables; simply connect a shielded Cat 5 cable between any two Catapult modules to deliver 4 balanced audio lines to any destination.

Choose from a variety of receiver or transmitter modules from the Catapult series, using any combination of these six models, along with the compact Catapult Mini modules, to create a custom snake that addresses the unique challenges of your specific application:

  • The RX4 and TX4 can be used together as a pair, creating a 4-channel audio snake
  • The TX4L and RX4L have line level isolation transformers for splitting playback tracks or outputs to amp racks
  • The TX4M and RX4M can be employed when splitting mic signals on stage.

Catapult modules keep their signal in the analog realm, avoiding the need for digital conversion or external operating power. A straight-wire connection from the modules’ XLR to a Cat 5’s RJ45 connector guarantees your audio signal is transmitted pristinely, without suffering from coloration or distortion.

Radial Catapult RX4 Features

  • Receive with 8 XLR outs
  • Send four channels of analog audio over a single Cat 5/6 cable
  • Works with a building's existing cable infrastructure
  • Choice of direct-wired or transformer isolated splits
  • Economical Cat 5/6 cable replaces bulky multi-channel audio snakes
  • No power needed to operate
  • Catapult RX4 4 channel balanced audio snake1
  • Audio Circuit Typepassive splitter
  • Frequency Response7Hz - 20kHz
  • THD0.0005% @ 1kHz
  • Dynamic Range140 dB
  • Gain0dB/-0.8dB
  • Max. Input+35 dBu
  • Min. Load Impedance100 Ω
  • Common Mode Rejection> 103 dB

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