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Radial SAT-2 Stereo Signal Attenuator top
Radial SAT-2 Stereo Signal Attenuator

Radial SAT-2 Stereo Signal Attenuator

SoundPro Item: 88017
MSRP: $228.00
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The SAT-2™ is a passive stereo audio device that provides you with a transparent level control wherever you may need it, either at the output of a pair of high-gain mic preamps, or between your recording interface and a pair of powered speakers as a compact desktop monitor controller.

When using the SAT-2 as a monitor controller, simply connect it in between your playback device and a pair of powered speakers for an easy-access master volume control. Mute and mono switches allow you to silence the outputs or check mixes for mono phase compatibility, while a handy dim switch with adjustable level control allows you to temporarily lower the output volume without losing the main volume setting.

The SAT-2 can also be used to attenuate signals before sending them to your audio interface, so you can drive your mic preamps hard for coloration without clipping the inputs of the digital audio converter. A high quality 4-pole rotary knob ensures consistent L-R tracking over the entire range of the trim pot, fully maintaining the left-right balance of stereo sources.

Radial SAT-2 Features

  • Level control for a pair of powered speakers
  • Attenuates hot signal levels to prevent clipping
  • Passive audio circuit, no power required
  • Transparent operation without signal coloration
  • Mono Sum, Level Control
  • SAT-2 Stereo Signal Attenuator1
  • Three Year Transferrable Warranty1
  • Audio circuit typePassive audio signal path
  • Number of channels 2
  • Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Dynamic range >141dB
  • Gain0dB
  • Total harmonic distortion>0.0005% @ 0dBu
  • Intermodulation Distortion>0.001% @ 0dBu
  • Phase Deviation0° @ 20Hz, 0° @ 1kHz, +2° @10kHz
  • Input Impedance8 kΩ
  • Output Impedance1.8 kΩ
  • Common Mode Rejection Ratio >80dB
  • Noise Floor-115dBu
  • Maximum Input>+ 26dBu
  • Input ConnectorsXLR, 1/4"
  • Output ConnectorsXLR
  • Construction14-gauge steel chassis and outer shell
  • Dimensions (LxWxD)5x3.25x2" (12.7x8.3x5cm)
  • Weight1.5lb (0.68kg)
  • Shipping size (LxWxD) 6.4x4.25x3" (16.3x10.8x7.6cm)
  • Shipping weight1.8lb (0.8kg)
  • PowerPassive, no power required
  • ConditionsFor use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C
  • WarrantyRadial 3-year, transferable

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