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RDL RU-MX4 Professional 4 Input Mic / Line Mixer
RDL RU-MX4 Professional 4 Input Mic/Line Mixer

RDL RU-MX4 Professional 4 Input Mic/Line Mixer

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MSRP: $614.46
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The RU-MX4 is the ideal choice in many applications where a combination of balanced mic and/or unbalanced line-level signals needs to be mixed. Balanced connections use XLR connectors. Unbalanced signals are coupled through phono jacks. Each of the four inputs can accept either a balanced XLR mic or an unbalanced line-level input. 24V phantom is individually switch selectable for each mic input. The unbalanced phono jack LINE OUTPUT from one RU-MX4 may connect to the unbalanced input of other equipment, or may be connected to the DIRECT input of another RU-MX4 to expand mixing capabilities. The RU-MX4 provides one balanced output, switchable for mic or line level. Audio levels are adjustable on the front panel. Each input channel is equipped with a front-panel dual-LED VU meter that follows standard VU ballistics. The final mix is displayed on an LED string VU meter featuring a visually comfortable arc motion. A rear-panel switch allows the soft-knee compressor to be switched in or out. A factory installed output isolation transformer is available by ordering the RU-MX4T.

RDL RU-MX4 Features

  • Four Channel Audio Mixer with Expansion Capability
  • XLR Microphone Inputs, Phono Jack Line Inputs
  • Switchable 24 V Phantom for Each Mic Input
  • Mic or Line XLR Output, Switchable
  • Unbalanced Line Output and Direct Input
  • Integral Compressor/Limiter, Switchable
  • Studio-Quality, Low-Noise Performance
  • RU-MX4 Professional 4 Input Mic/Line Mixer1
  • Microphone Inputs (4)2 kΩ balanced, switchable 24 V phantom (IEC 61938: 2013)
  • Mic Input Level for +4 dBu output-58 to −20 dBu (PHANTOM OFF or ONHI gain); -41 to −4 dBu (PHANTOM ON LO gain)
  • Line Inputs (4)2 kΩ unbalanced
  • Line Input Level for +4 dBu out-25 dBV to +20 dBV, -10 dBV nominal
  • Gain Adjustments (5)Mic: Off to 62 dB gain (PHANTOM OFF ONHI gain); Off to 46 dB gain (PHANTOM ON LO gain); Line: Off to 27 dB gain
  • Output Attenuator0 dB to infinity
  • Frequency Response
    • Mic: 80 Hz to 30 kHz (± 1.5 dB), <-10 dB @ 20 Hz (integral high-pass filter)
    • Line: 20 Hz to 30 kHz (± 0.25 dB)
  • THD+N
    • Mic: < 0.1% (80 Hz to 20 kHz)
    • Line: < 0.02%
  • Residual Noise (wideband, below +4 dBu output)
    • Unity Gain:< -84 dB (4 Line level sources)
    • 40dB Gain, Phantom on:Mic: -79 dB; < -73 dB (All 4 mic level sources)
    • 50dB Gain:Mic: -79 dB; < -73 dB (All 4 mic level sources)
    • 60dB Gain:Mic: -70 dB; < -64 dB (All 4 mic level sources)
    • Outputs (2):+4 dBu 150 Ω bal. (switchable to MIC level -45 dBu); -10 dBV unbalanced
    • Indicators (18)
      • Dual-LED VU meter for each input; COMP/LIMIT active LED; POWER LED; LED audio mix meter, 0 dB = +4 dBu
      • VU (dB): -20, -10, -6, -2, 0, +3; Peak Reading (dB): +8,+12
    • Ambient Operating Environment:0° C to 50° C
    • Power Requirement:GROUND-REFERENCED, 24 Vdc @ 150 mA
    • Package Dimensions:6 x 6 x 2.625 in.
    • Shipping Weight:1.63 lbs.
    • WEEE weight:1.38 lbs.

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