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sE Electronics RNR1 Rupert Neve Signature Ribbon Microphone
sE Electronics RNR1 Rupert Neve Signature Ribbon Microphone

sE Electronics RNR1 Rupert Neve Signature Ribbon Microphone

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MSRP: $2,499.00
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With custom transformers and discrete circuitry from the man behind the recording industry as we know it, the RNR1 hears more than any other ribbon on the planet. Ribbon mics have always been particularly prized for their exceptionally natural sound. One downside of this style of mic is the high-frequency roll-off inherent in their design, which had not been dealt with until Rupert Neve - the father of the recording console - decided to make a microphone.

Ribbon mics require more transformer attention because the transformer that couples the ribbon to the output needs to accomplish a fairly massive impedance conversion. No one knows audio transformers better than Rupert Neve: with the RNR1, two custom Rupert Neve-designed transformers form the buffer between the ribbon and the outside world. The circuitry between those transformers helps maintain the ultra-wide frequency response, compensating for the ribbon's natural predisposition to roll it off, and thus high-frequency content is preserved.

To get the extended response Mr. Neve was looking for, the ribbon element in the RNR1 is 2.5µm aluminum ribbon, striking the perfect balance of flexibility and stiffness needed to create this mic's exceptional performance.

The precision-machined and scalloped edges don't just look vibrant and dramatic, they have also been custom-designed to provide the ribbon with an acoustically ideal setting for the best possible frequency response.

The RNR1 includes a custom-designed and easy-to-use shock mount, which is essential in use to reduce the unwanted effects of vibration or knocks to the supporting microphone stand.

sE Electronics RNR1 Features

  • Custom transformers and discrete circuitry from Rupert Neve
  • Uses two custom Rupert Neve-designed transformers
  • Ribbon element uses 2.5µm aluminum ribbon
  • Precision-machined and scalloped edges
  • Matte black finish
  • RNR1 Rupert Neve signature ribbon microphone1
  • Custom shock mount1
  • Microphone sock1
  • Wooden case1
  • Transducer TypeRibbon
  • Polar PatternFigure-8
  • Frequency Range20 Hz - 25 kHz
  • Output Impedance200 Ohms
  • Sensitivity22.39 mV/Pa (-33 dB)
  • Max SPL135 dB (0.5% THD @ 1kHz)
  • Signal to noise ratio76 dB
  • Self Noise18 dB(A)
  • Low cut filter switch100 Hz
  • Matching connectorsXLR3F
  • Power requirement48V phantom
  • Weight30.34 oz (860 g)

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