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Sennheiser EM 100 G4 True Diversity Half-Rack Receiver
Sennheiser EM 100 G4 True Diversity Half-Rack Receiver

Sennheiser EM 100 G4 True Diversity Half-Rack Receiver

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SoundPro Item: 118334
MPN: EM 100 G4-A
MSRP: $499.95

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The EM 100 G4 from Sennheiser is a true diversity, half-rack receiver. This receiver is sturdily built with an all-metal housing. It also boasts an intuitive LCD to help you easily take visual stock of your wireless system. Part of G4 100 Series, the EM 100 G4 comes with 2 rod antennas, a power supply RJ10 cable, and rackmount set, as well as a quick guide, safety guide, manufacturer declaration sheet, and frequency supplement sheet.

More about Sennheiser’s evolution wireless G4 100 Series

Choose a wireless system that grows and changes with your needs. This fourth generation of Sennheiser’s evolution wireless (EW) series delivers simplicity, flexibility, and dependability to your performance.

Go beyond the capacity of an entry-level wireless system with more power, reach, and reliability. Engineered for professional live sound, the EW G4 100 has something for any project or venue. From musicians to filmmakers, sound engineers to public speakers, this series is a favorite of both professional and occasional users because it combines user-friendliness without compromising on quality.

Select from state-of-the-art components designed with live sound in mind. Choose from microphone capsules (the e 835, e 845, e 865, e 935, and e 945) to find the perfect fit for your sound. Attach your mic capsule of choice to a lightweight aluminum transmitter with an integrated mute switch. Enjoy consistent performance from a true diversity, half-rack receiver in a full-metal housing.

The feature-packed EW G4 100 Series provides the tools you need to streamline your setup and optimize your performance. Its Easy Setup function automatically scans and selects the best frequencies available and takes advantage of the UHF spectrum. The wireless synchronization between transmitter and receivers is streamlined via infrared, while up to 12 receivers can be linked using a new functionality that lets you quickly allocate frequencies. EW G4 100 wireless components enjoy up to 300 feet (100 meters) of transmission range for increased freedom and versatility. They boast a battery life of up to 8 hours.

More about G4's Wireless Benefits

The Evolution Wireless G4 retains all of G3’s best features while simultaneously providing many system improvements. The Evolution Wireless G4 features more power than its predecessor. The 300, 500 and IEM series offer increased RF power, up to 50 mW, for greater transmission range. The portable Broadcast & Film sets benefit from 8 hours of battery power.

The G4 exceeds expectations with increased switching bandwidth of up to 88 MHz in the 300 and 500 series. G4 offers full flexibility for a wide range of possible applications: live sound, in-ear monitoring, portable solutions for ENG and professional film productions. It is mobile, always on air, and evolves with users and their demands.

G4’s 100 series systems can be daisy chained for fast, coordinated setup via a new linking function. G4’s intuitive LCD and OLED displays make the lives of engineers easier in any environment. The G4 keeps you connected. For mobile PA applications, the receivers slot directly into the LSP 500 wireless loudspeaker. Integrators adore G4’s versatility when it comes to workflows and control software such as the WSM (Wireless Systems Manager) and the Sennheiser Control Cockpit.

When it comes to applications in hospitality, education and events, G4 is your mobile solution that fits into any room and perfectly integrates into existing workflows. Documentary filmmakers and video journalists know that G4 fits into any bag and provides powerful speech intelligibility for their interviews or reports. For years, evolution wireless G3 has been one of the best-selling wireless systems in the market. Evolution wireless G4 takes this legacy one step further with more power, features and flexibility.

Sennheiser EM 100 G4 Features

  • True diversity half-rack receiver in a full-metal housing with intuitive LCD display for full control.
  • Easy and flexible wireless synchronization between transmitter and receiver via infrared
  • Fast frequency allocation for up to 12 receivers via new linking functionality
  • Up to 20 compatible channels
  • Up to 42 MHz bandwidth with 1680 selectable frequencies, fully tunable in a stable UHF range
  • Transmission Range: up to 100 meters / 300 feet
  • High RF output power (up to 30 mW) depending on country regulations
  • Sennheiser EM 100 G4 True Diversity Half-Rack Receiver1
  • Rod antennas2
  • Power supply1
  • RJ 10 cable1
  • Rackmount set1
  • Quick guide1
  • Safety guide1
  • Manufacturer declaration sheet1
  • Frequency supplement sheet1
  • Frequency range
    • 1G8: 1785 - 1800 MHz
    • A: 516 - 558 MHz
    • A1: 470 - 516 MHz
    • AS: 520 - 558 MHz
    • B: 626 - 668 MHz
    • C: 734 - 776 MHz
    • D: 780 - 822 MHz
    • E: 823 - 865 MHz
    • G: 566 - 608 MHz
    • GB: 606 - 648 MHz
    • JB: 806 - 810 MHz
    • K+: 925 - 937,5 MHz
  • DimensionsApprox. 190x212x43 mm
  • CompanderSennheiser HDX
  • THD, total harmonic distortion≤ 0.9 %
  • WeightApprox. 980 g
  • Audio output
    • 6.3 mm jack socket (unbalanced): +12 dBu
    • XLR socket (balanced): +18 dBu
  • Signal-to-noise ratio≥ 110 dBA
  • Switching bandwidthup to 42 MHz
  • Peak deviation±48 kHz
  • Nominal deviation±24 kHz
  • ModulationWideband FM
  • Power supply12 V DC
  • Antenna connector2 BNC sockets
  • Current consumption300 mA
  • Adjacent channel rejectionTypically ≥ 65 dB
  • Intermodulation attenuationTypically ≥ 65 dB
  • Receiving frequencyMax. 1680 receiving frequencies, adjustable in 25 kHz steps 20 frequency banks, each with up to 12 factory-preset channels, no intermodulation 1 frequency bank with up to 12 programmable channels
  • RF sensitivity< 2.5 μV for 52 dBA eff S/N
  • Squelchlow: 5 dBµV, middle: 15 dBµV, high: 25 dBμV
  • Equalizer
    • Preset 1: Flat
    • Preset 2: Low Cut (-3 dB at 180 Hz)
    • Preset 3: Low Cut/High Boost (-3 dB at 180 Hz, +6 dB at 10 kHz)
    • Preset 4: High Boost (+6 dB at 10 kHz)
  • Temperature Range10 °C to +55 °C
  • Receiver PrincipleTrue diversity
  • Blocking≥ 70 dB

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Sennheiser EM 100 G4 True Diversity Half-Rack Receiver

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