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Soundcraft GB4 32-Channel High Performance Analog Mixer
Soundcraft GB4 High Performance Analog Mixer

Soundcraft GB4 High Performance Analog Mixer

SoundPro Item: 46914
MSRP: $4,406.00

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Fitting a comprehensive set of functions into a compact, cost-effective build, the GB4 from Soundcraft is a high-performance analog mixer. It’s ideal for medium-sized installations such as houses of worship or performance venues, but it’s also a great choice for small touring sound systems. In addition, GB4 boasts dual-mode topology equips you for fader control of group or aux outputs, so you can also use this mixer for FOH or monitor duties.

The GB4 has a standard layout for intuitive operation. It also features a GB30 Mic Preamplifier and Equalizer that enables high-resolution adjustment over a wide gain range of 55 dB. It comes in four variant models, differentiated by the frame sizes:

  • 16 channels
  • 24 channels
  • 32 channel
  • 40 channels

Some of GB4’s unique features include a rugged steel chassis with a sloping rear connector panel, allowing it to be easily configured from the front of the desk, along with an integrated power supply with a link option for external PSU backup. Four mute groups allow you to mute several channels at the same time. A limiter lets you create a stereo recording of your mix using a selected set of record outputs. An output matrix contains 7 feeds to 4 outputs, being fed from the group busses and main L, R, and C (mono) outputs.

More about Soundcraft’s GB Analog Mixers

Soundcraft’s acclaimed GB Series of analog mixers boasts high-quality engineering, innovative design, and painstaking details.

Rugged and reliable, its mechanical construction has been crafted to endure strenuous conditions, so you get the best performance out of your audio mix no matter how much punishment you give your gear. All input modules are made with individual, vertically mounted PCBs that have been carefully fitted to the front panel of the steel chassis with individually nutted potentiometers.

GB mixers share the stylish aesthetic of Soundcraft’s MH4, MH3, and LX7ii consoles, for a consistent look and feel across their product range. This allows you to get great sound out of great-looking gear.

Soundcraft GB4 Features

  • Individually switched 48V phantom power on every mono input module
  • 8 Aux sends
  • 4 Group sends (paired)
  • 4 Mute groups
  • 7+4 Output Matrix
  • Limiter on record output
  • GB30 mic pre-amp
  • 4-band GB30 EQ
  • Integral power supply, with an external power supply link option
  • All metal TRS jacks and Neutrik XLRs
  • Direct outputs on all mono input channels
  • GB4 Analog Mixer1
  • Power cable1
  • Noise (measured RMS, 22Hz to 22kHz bandwidth)
    • Mic EIN @ Unity Gain, 150W Source Impedance: -128dBu
    • Mix Output, 40 Inputs Routed To Mix: <-82dBu
    • Group Outputs: <-83dBu
    • Aux Outputs: <-80dBu
    • Matrix Outputs: <-89dBu
  • Crosstalk (@1kHz, typical)
    • Input Channel Mute: <-97dB
    • Input Fader Cut-Off: <-95dB
    • Pan Isolation: <-77dB
    • Mix Route Isolation: <-97dB
    • Group Route Isolation: <-97dB
    • Adjacent Channel Crosstalk: <-99dB
    • Group to Mix: <-89dB
    • Aux Send Pots Offness (typical): <-84dB
    • Matrix Send Pots Offness (typical): <-89dB
  • Frequency Response (mic/line input to any output, 20Hz - 20kHz)<1dB
  • THD+N (mic sens. -30dBu, +20dBu at all outputs @1kHz)<0.006%
  • CMRR (typical @ 1kHz)80dB
  • Input & Output Max. Levels
    • Mono & Stereo Mic Inputs: +15dBu
    • Mono & Stereo Line Inputs: +30dBu
    • Stereo Returns & Insert Returns: +20dBu
    • Any Output: +20dBu
    • Nominal Operating Level: 0dBu
    • Headphone Power: 2x250mW into 200Ω
  • Input & Output Impedances
    • Mic Inputs: 2kΩ
    • Line Inputs & Stereo Returns: 10kΩ
    • Input Channels Insert Return: 5kΩ (with EQ in), otherwise 3kΩ
    • Mix, Group, Aux, Matrix & Direct Outputs: 150Ω
    • Insert Sends: 75Ω
    • Recommended Headphone Impedance: 50-600Ω
  • EQ
    • HF: 13kHz, +/-15dB, 2nd order shelving
    • Hi-Mid: 550Hz - 13kHz, +/-15dB, Q=1.5
    • Lo-Mid: 80Hz - 1.9kHz, +/-15dB, Q=1.5
    • LF: 80Hz, +/-15dB, 2nd order shelving
  • Weight
    • 16 Channel: 22 kg (48.5 lbs)
    • 24 Channel: 27 kg (59.5 lbs)
    • 32 Channel: 32 kg (70.5 lbs)
    • 40 Channel: 37 kg (81.6 lbs)

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