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Waves Renaissance Maxx Plugin Bundle
Waves Renaissance Maxx Plugin Bundle

Waves Renaissance Maxx Plugin Bundle

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10 classic Waves plugins that combine the warmth of analog gear with the precision of digital control: staples of modern production, with the sound you know from countless award-winning records.

From Beyoncé to Pharrell Williams to Billie Eilish, from Drake to Kendrick Lamar to Taylor Swift, the Renaissance plugins have arguably been used on more recordings than any other plugin in recent music history.

Described by Mark Ronson (Adele, Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars) as his “bread and butter,” the Renaissance plugins are a mainstay of modern production and mixing studios. There’s something magical about the Renaissance analog sound, presented in the most user-friendly interfaces, that caught on with producers, engineers and musicians worldwide.

The Renaissance series covers compression, EQ, reverb, bass enhancement, specialty vocal dynamics processing, specialty guitar and synth processing, and much more. All Renaissance plugins feature streamlined interfaces with your choice of three skins updated in 2019: Light, Dark, and Legacy.

The Renaissance Maxx bundle includes:

  • Renaissance Vox: The first-choice vocal compressor for top engineers.
  • Renaissance Bass: The industry’s favorite bass enhancement plugin for a bigger low end on small playback systems.
  • Renaissance Reverb: Classic algorithmic reverb with rich reverb tails, 12 reverb types, and an advanced early reflection system.
  • Renaissance Axx: Specialty dynamics processor engineered for guitars, bass, and synths.
  • Renaissance Compressor: Warm yet transparent compressor, with vintage Opto and modern Electro modes.
  • Renaissance Equalizer: Analog-style 6-band paragraphic EQ, with variable filter types, vintage-sounding curves, and a real-time frequency analyzer.
  • Renaissance DeEsser: Musical sibilance attenuator.
  • Renaissance Channel: Complete channel strip combining EQ, compression and gating, with a newly designed intuitive interface.

As a bonus, the Renaissance Maxx bundle also includes the IR-L Convolution Reverb, giving you the authentic sound of actual acoustic spaces; and the Waves Tune LT pitch correction plugin.

Waves Renaissance Maxx Plugin Bundle Features

  • 10 classic plugins: compression, EQ, reverb, bass enhancement, de-essing, pitch correction, vocal dynamics processing, and more
  • Warmth of analog gear, precision of digital control
  • NEW: Real-time analyzer added to Renaissance EQ and Renaissance Channel
  • NEW: Hundreds of presets by leading producers & engineers
  • NEW: Updated interfaces with 3 skin options: Light, Dark, Legacy

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